5 Reasons to Avoid Outsourcing Case Study Writing to Freelance Writers

Watch the little things; a small leak will sink a great ship.

Benjamin Franklin

We have often said that publishing a B2B case study is comparable to releasing a movie.

One of the most critical decisions in creating this content asset is: Who is responsible for each activity?

Who will be the screenwriter, choreographer, director, and producer?

Deciding which tasks to tackle in-house and which to outsource is vital.

Outsourcing the Writing of Your B2B SaaS Case Study

You will likely agree that publishing case studies to promote your B2B SaaS wins can considerably help you reach more prospects and convert them into paying customers.

However, it is difficult for an organisation to have in-house content marketers, copywriters, and writers who can help them create the right content asset.

Your business will likely address the question on the team’s mind: “Should we hire a freelance writer or collaborate with an agency?”

Overhead costs. Access to the right technical resources. Adequate turnaround time.

These are standard criteria when deciding whether to hire a freelance writer or collaborate with an agency.

Additionally, your business will strive to abide by B2B SaaS case study best practices.

However, your organisation risks facing unpleasant surprises by leaving out collaboration with an agency.

This article will share five specific, experience-driven reasons why hiring an agency to write your B2B SaaS case study is better.

Let’s learn more!

5 Reasons to Hire an Agency for Preparing B2B SaaS Case Study

Here is our list of the top five reasons to partner with an agency for B2B SaaS case study writing:

#1 – Inability to Understand Your Audience

#2 – Utilising the Wrong Tone or Style

#3 – Selling Instead of Providing Value

#4 – Unable to Meet Guidelines

#5 – Performing Just Enough to Get By

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#1 – Inability to Understand Your Audience

The legendary Harvard University marketing professor Theodore Levitt once said, “sell the hole, not the drill.” He went on, “people don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill; they want a quarter-inch hole.”

A critical “why” to publish a B2B (SaaS) case study is getting the point across to prospects about how your business can help them get the work done.

C-suite executives reading your case study require deep, functional insights. For example, how did your business expertise solve similar pain points of related businesses?

For example, a SaaS content marketing agency’s target audience doesn’t ask, “What is content marketing?” Instead, they are most likely asking, “How can a SaaS content marketing agency bring me leads?”

A partnering content marketing agency can effortlessly communicate with the subject matter experts inside the organisation to provide a high level of nuanced understanding.

By ensuring the absence of fluff, engaging writing, and showcasing compelling pain-point resonance, your B2B case study stands to perform better.

#2 – Utilising the Wrong Tone or Style

Completely outsourcing case study writing to a freelance writer is flawed since you cannot expect them to understand the nuances of your product’s positioning extensively.

Moreover, it is a stretch to expect a freelance writer to appeal to the emotions of your target buyer persona while working in a silo. Bringing in an expert to pen the content piece is not optimal either—your case study will reflect their ideas, not yours.

The result?

This approach will cause the familiar problem of senior executives telling the writer that the portrayal of internal communication is wrong, amongst many other issues.

#3 – Selling Instead of Providing Value

A better approach to preparing a B2B case study is to inform and educate the target audience.

Let your prospects understand how you implement your services instead of giving a sales pitch. The reason is that value trumps believability.

A partner case study agency – an extension of your marketing team – can comfortably ask your client the right questions throughout the project. You can check these 15 B2B case study interview questions before writing any case study.

This approach can help your case study outperform since, for many B2B companies, the prospect understands the topic better than a regular freelance writer. In addition, it can better resonate with the points that they live and breathe daily in their jobs.

#4 – Unable to Meet Guidelines

Your case study project has a lot hanging on to it.

Your business exposes itself to many risks by putting the onus of writing and delivering the case study on a freelance writer.

From the outset, your business requires an upfront and clear understanding of the scope of the project, availability of revising the drafts, turnaround time, and ownership of the content asset.

Your business should consider being careful about not leaving anything to chance – and rely on experienced and dependable partners.

Additionally, establish a joint agreement on the “why” of your B2B case study.

Is your business attempting to increase brand awareness, capture more leads, or assist the sales team in closing more deals?

Additionally, what is your case study attempting to highlight? For example, an increase in quality leads, earned revenue, or a return on investment?

By partnering with a content marketing agency, your business will likely not make avoidable mistakes while writing B2B SaaS case studies.

#5 – Performing Just Enough to Get By

Whether you work with freelancers or partner with an agency, responsible individuals strive to perform to the best of their capabilities.

However, while collaborating with a freelance writer to prepare your B2B (SaaS) case study, there are hidden roadblocks.

Your business might offer the freelance writer a powerful B2B case study template they can copy.

However, when your organisation partners with the right content marketing agency, they create your content assets – such as case studies – as an extension of your marketing team.

The right agency instils a proper understanding of your business and what makes it unique. Then, they work at bringing out your unique voice and helping you “talk” in the desired manner.

An inherent disadvantage of collaborating with freelance writers to prepare B2B case studies is they don’t have the opportunity to work alongside the in-house employees who have deep insights into your customers’ problems.

A lack of immediate access to the sales team, project managers, and solution managers put freelancers on the back foot to accessing specific information to raise the content’s quality.

Certain sections of the content piece likely get published using Google and guesswork.

Parting Thoughts

We hope this content piece helps your business make an informed decision about outsourcing case study writing to a freelancer.

Several factors can help you while making your decision. Such as

  • Discovering if the writer can prepare an engaging, insightful and resonating case study
  • Verifying if the writer can bring out and amplify your organisation’s unique voice
  • Establishing a joint agreement on the scope of the case study writing project

Hiring a B2B case study writing agency can take time and effort. However, you can simplify your search by reading about the top 5 case study writing services agencies for B2B SaaS.

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