7 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing A B2B (SaaS) Case Study

The most common mistake anyone can commit while preparing a case study is prioritising the organisation’s promotional message over the audience’s informational needs.

The best B2B SaaS case studies offer helpful context around the brand they are featuring and do not just hog the limelight by talking about their services.

However, many businesses are yet to master creating this content asset.

Of course, we all want to follow the best B2B SaaS case study practices to get more leads and customers, but there is still scope for mistakes that we should avoid at all costs.

This article will share seven mistakes to avoid while writing a B2B SaaS case study.

Let’s begin!

7 Avoidable Mistakes While Writing B2B SaaS Case Studies

Here is the list of avoidable mistakes you should bear in mind when preparing your case study

#1 – Gating the Case Study

#2 – Suboptimal Case Study Title

#3 – Non-Compelling Writing Style

#4 – Lack of Social Proof

#5 – Unactionable CTAs

#6 – Absence of Storytelling

#7 – Missing Emotional Connect

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#1 – Gating the Case Study

Many B2B SaaS businesses follow the wrong approach of keeping their case studies gated. This means their website visitors can download them only in exchange for their email addresses.

The issue is that gated content does not signal search engines to send relevant prospects your way. When search engines cannot crawl your case study, their users will not be able to learn how your business is solving problems similar to their pain points.

We highly recommend preparing blog-style case studies to leverage search engine optimization. You can copy this powerful B2B case study template to bring leads!

#2 – Suboptimal Case Study Title

Certain elements make for a compelling case study title. Implementing these elements can increase the click-through rate of your B2B SaaS case study.

Ensure that your case study includes the name of your business and your client’s. Mentioning a pain point or the solution to one such pain point. This helps with search engine optimisation. Additionally, adding statistics to the title can make it more compelling and result-oriented.

Take a look at this example (names redacted): “How [CLIENT] Booked 20% More Sales Meetings through [SERVICE OFFERING]”

Keyword Research Snapshot for the Search Query “Book Meetings”

#3 – Non-Compelling Writing Style

Following a “simple” manner of writing your B2B case study is vital. We mean to say you should consider avoiding using jargon and acronyms.

Remember, the purpose of this content piece is to be customer-centric, not company-centric. By avoiding these pitfalls, your readers can easily comprehend your message – no requirement to provide interpretation.

Write how your readers talk!

For example, a case study mentioned 3 acronyms in 1 paragraph alone, which the reader may not understand. “The [CLIENT] cloud team has approximately 20 members tasked with all operations pertaining to cloud services and DevOps — including any AWS integrations. The integration team leader is responsible for running the CI/CD pipelines for [CLIENT].

#4 – Lack of Social Proof

Your case study readers are likelier to purchase when they view the much-needed social proof. You can make it available by using block quotes and pull quotes.

Your B2B SaaS case study will be more humanised and credible with the addition of your client’s photo, name and job title, and quotes. These quotes help explain your product’s value from the client’s perspective.

For example, sharing quotes from the client’s key decision-makers and influencers in the complete process can help elevate your case study.

Maintaining a delicate balance between customer quotes and regular paragraphs makes for a more effective flow.

You can build a repository of quotes by asking the right questions to your clients to build engagement and offer actionable insights. For example, consider these 15 B2B SaaS case study interview questions before writing any case study.

#5 – Unactionable CTAs

Undoubtedly, publishing the case study showcases how you can help similar prospective clients solve their common business challenges. Therefore, it is crucial to explicitly signal prospects how they can get in touch with you.

It is essential to think through the case study’s numerous design elements—including the call-to-action (CTA). Your case study should try to allow prospective clients to act on the call-to-action with the least friction possible.

For example, the CTA should be visible and accessible at the bottom of the page. An actionable text CTA requires choosing your words with care.

Less information presented intuitively is easier to process.

You can consider switching between the following calls to action:

  • “Start a free trial.”
  • “Book a demo.”
  • “Contact us”
  • “Sign up for the newsletter.”

#6 – Absence of Storytelling

It is vital to appeal to the emotions of your target buyer persona. You can achieve this by maintaining clarity on the ideal persona you want to attract to read your case study.

An excellent way to accomplish this is by presenting your client as a hero. By writing your case study as a “Hero’s Journey,” your prospects are likelier to think, “Yes! It is exactly the problem that I am experiencing right now!”

A narrative-style approach illustrates the entire customer experience. The story-like descriptions detail how your client went from being an “underdog” to a champion user. You can learn the Hero’s Journey framework by understanding why the squid game is so popular.

#7 – Missing Emotional Connect

A well-produced story—written or video—highlights the human reasons for buying your product or service. This helps your B2B SaaS case study cut through the ever-increasing amount of noise in the market.

Yes, we mean video case studies as well. Your SaaS business might be sleeping on an underrated approach of presenting success stories—case study videos!

Check these 10 best case study video examples you can copy to build trust for your SaaS business.

Parting Thoughts

We hope these seven avoidable mistakes help your B2B SaaS case study shine through and bring actionable leads for your business. It would be beneficial to ensure that your case study

  • Allows discoverability by Google or other search engines
  • Offers crucial details within the title to improve the click-through rate
  • Provides an accessible and engaging storyline, emotional connection, and ample social proof

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