Powerful B2B Case Study Template Any Business Can Copy to Bring Leads

Most people keep their case studies gated, i.e., their website visitors can download them only in exchange for their email address.

It is the wrong approach.

Here is why!

Gated content doesn’t signal Google to send your probable customers your way.

By probable customers, we mean those searching to solve similar problems like the one you solve on Google.

We highly recommend preparing blog-style case studies to leverage Google search.

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Benefits of Blog-Style Case Studies

Gain SEO Value

Publishing your case study in a blog-style format makes it easier for search engines to index your content and show your page for relevant keywords. Generally, ranking higher quality content is easier because they naturally get more links.

Extend your Brand Reach

A solid, in-depth story has a better chance of getting natural organic shares to expand its reach. By presenting your case study in a blog-style format, you also gain the freedom to repurpose your content as:

  • a podcast episode,
  • a social media carousel post, or
  • other marketing material.

Improve the Buyer Journey

Case studies can be used for lead generation, yes.

While it may sound counter-intuitive from an inbound marketing perspective, you can gain much more by allowing easy access to client success stories through blog-style case studies. Your website traffic can organically end up visiting your case studies landing page and scanning it to understand how you solve problems for your customers.

Now that we have established a case (pun intended) for publishing your case study in a blog-style format, here is a powerful B2B case study template any business can copy to bring leads.

Powerful Blog Style B2B Case Study Template


The purpose is to open the case study with questions about the readers’ pain points for pain point resonance.

[Introduce the Client, the Challenges they were Facing, the Results they Wanted to Achieve, and their Existing Approach]

By sharing such information, the reader feels relatable, i.e., they also tried something similar and didn’t get the expected results.

[Problem – Why was the Client’s Approach Failing]

This intends to share the problem for which the service agency is providing the solution. The reader should have an “Aha!” moment here – Oh, that’s why my current approach is not working.

[Service Agency’s Approach to Success]

What is the USP of the service agency? How does it uniquely solve the problem to bring the desired results?

[Service Agency’s Step-by-Step Implementation of the Campaign]

What were the service agency’s steps for the client to get them the desired results?


Boost the reader’s confidence that the service agency’s approach works by showing the results.

[Hook and Call-to-Action]

Inspire the reader to explore the service agency further. Therefore, in this section, try to overcome any additional objections the reader might have.

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