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Why we started Concurate?

While working with GreyB, I was tasked with growing the leads for our services via Inbound Marketing.

We already had an in house marketing team who were working at their full throttle. So, we thought of checking out and hiring some marketing agencies for the work.

I started doing research around various marketing agencies but found that most of the agencies talk just about writing X number of articles and hope in increasing the traffic without actually promising leads and traffic metrics.

After hiring such agencies and burning our hands, we felt it is best to do the content marketing in-house. And with our in-house marketing team, we made our blog one of the top blogs in the industry, thus becoming the biggest source of leads for GreyB.

Before creating Concurate, we talked to our friends in other companies and found out how they are tackling similar challenges.

Concurate represents what we always wanted in any agency. At Concurate, we not only do thorough customer research by interviewing you before writing articles on pain points but also are accountable to the leads to the results we produce every month.

Nitesh Gupta

Nitesh Gupta

Front Runner at Concurate

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Aditi Syal

Founding Member

Nitesh Gupta

Founding Member

Aditi Rathi

Content Strategist

Priti Sohal

Content Strategist

Sanyukta Kalita

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