15 B2B SaaS Video Case Study Interview Questions Before Writing Any Case Study

If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.

W. Edwards Deming

Writing a B2B SaaS case study is akin to scripting and shooting a movie.

However, it requires some smarts to bring sparkles to your case study.

Before becoming a playwright for your director, wouldn’t it make sense to ask relevant questions to better shape your story?

Asking the right questions can undoubtedly build engagement and offer actionable insights for your ideal prospects.

In this post, we will explore the best B2B SaaS video case study questions you can ask at your following interview.

These questions can further increase the case study’s effectiveness if your business follows B2B SaaS case study best practices and uses a powerful B2B SaaS case study template.

We recommend using these questions to record a video of your client’s answers. This approach can aid you in creating a case study video for your SaaS business or repurposing it for publishing blog-style and skimmable slide deck case studies.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

How to Structure B2B SaaS Case Study Interview Questions

Every movie has a fundamental structure—a narrative arc.

It’s safe to say a movie consists of a plot, characters, and a conflict affecting the characters. Further, it has an introduction, a middle, and an ending.

Accordingly, if your B2B SaaS video case study follows a natural progression of interview questions, it will allow you to possess relevant information for each stage of the case study.

Therefore, your business should consider chronologically using four categories to craft the list of B2B SaaS video case study interview questions.

#1 – The Brand

#2 – The Challenge

#3 – The Solution

#4 – The Results

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#1 – The Brand


The best B2B SaaS case studies offer helpful context around the brand they are featuring and do not just hog the limelight by talking about their services. Such information is invaluable! Here are some important questions you can ask about branding:

Question 1

Please tell us a little bit about your company.

This question helps to kick off your B2B SaaS case study interview on a solid footing. The purpose of this question is to inquire about your client’s brand.

This question is relatively broad and open-ended.

It also helps to put your client at ease.

Moreover, they can talk about their product, USP, and more.

Question 2

Let’s go one step further. Please tell us about your company’s structure, the workforce size, and the number of years it has been in business.

While this question may tilt more towards a technical side, it has an essential purpose.

Maintaining clarity about your client’s “persona” helps your case study build a stronger connection with the target audience.

It allows readers to understand better who uses your SaaS product.

Question 3

Can you share your (industry-relevant) goals?

For example, your client may want to improve enterprise-wide communications using your SaaS application. Some metrics they might target are improving the noise-to-signal ratio and timely receipt of important notifications.

#2 – The Challenge


Gathering as much information about your client’s business challenge is crucial. These questions showcase how your business solved a real, significant problem. Here are some essential questions you can ask at this interview stage.

Question 4

What persistent problem did your business face before choosing our services?

A specific, narrow question like this allows your client to state their core problem effectively.

Taking a cue from our previous problem statement, your client may say their employees struggled to juggle multiple messaging applications.

Such responses allow you to ask hyper-specific follow-up questions.

Question 5

How significantly did this problem impact your business?

This question offers you to resonate with your target audience’s pain points.

A tricky pain point the client’s employees might complain about are blurred boundaries between personal and professional lives and delayed resolution of important notifications.

By sharing such real, relatable pain points, your case study can establish a strong connection with the readers.

Question 6

Which solutions did your business try before choosing our services? Why did the results dissatisfy you?

The intent of this question is not to throw shade at business competitors.

Let’s understand how.

Your client can share standard practices to solve a specific industry pain point.

However, explaining how your SaaS application offered the ability to use a single platform to create role-based access to particular message groups and the ability to share multiple file formats can help to place your services on higher ground.

Question 7

How did you find our business? What reservations did you have? Why did you choose to work with us? Can you recall an internal conversation that highlights this aspect?

Even a brief mention of client testimonials or a business partner’s referral will offer solid social proof of your B2B SaaS business’s credibility.

Moreover, your customers can validate a great aspect of your service, such as “the ability to integrate multiple 3rd party services seamlessly.”

At Concurate, we believe in sharing “internal chatter” or everyday business conversations outside the confines of a company’s walls. For example, a thought-provoking conversation with a colleague or relating a personal experience with daily business practices. Sharing such content can tangibly increase a content piece’s relatability and help maximise conversions.

#3 – The Solution


This section takes your B2B SaaS video case study readers to the heart of the matter. The following questions will help you extract actionable insights from your clients. Consider asking these questions:

Question 8

Which business service did you choose to avail?

For example, if your company offers a business communication SaaS messaging application, it is unlikely that every client will adopt every feature of your application.

The answer to this question will help you to highlight a specific subset of your service, such as a centralised hub for enterprise-wide communication.

Question 9

How did your team use our services to meet their needs? Can you share a step-by-step implementation process for our services?

The answer to this question allows your client to share how they availed of your services.

For example, your client successfully replicated its office culture in a remote work setting after using your SaaS application.

The client can talk about improved collaboration, timely resolution of customer support tickets, and an uptick in employee satisfaction.

Question 10

Did you encounter any challenges during your transition?

Readers might anticipate particular challenges to “obviously” arise while transitioning services.

Answers about how clients avoided such obstacles can lift your case study to the next level.

Question 11

How was your experience?

A question such as this helps to highlight your application’s user-friendliness or ease of receiving a resolution from the support staff or point of contact.

#4 – The Results


Don’t leave your B2B SaaS case study readers in the dark! Share hard, quantifiable data to add credibility to the claims. Consider asking such questions:

Question 12

When did you first notice the results?

Any business can claim that its service delivers overnight success.

It helps if your B2B SaaS case study shares a realistic results timeline and supports it with credible proof.

This practice lays rest to any creeping doubts readers might possess.

Question 13

Do you have any data on the results you achieved after using our services?

Try to share definitive quantifiable results.

For example, how much did the application reduce the signal-to-noise ratio?

Question 14

How did our services impact your business?

While it is self-explanatory, this question is a great way to bring your B2B SaaS video case study interview to a close.

This question can also help your business stand apart from the competition.

Allow your clients to sing your virtues!

Question 15

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Some clients might forego answering this question.

However, this might be an opportunity for others to share something which didn’t come up during the interview.

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Parting Thoughts

We hope these 15 B2B SaaS case study interview questions help you extract engaging, valuable, and actionable insights for your upcoming case studies.

It will be great if your B2B SaaS case study interview:

  • Establishes a clear profile of the client to resonate with your ideal customer profile
  • Convinces prospects why the client chose to adopt your SaaS service
  • Demonstrates how your SaaS service solved the client’s pain points
  • Shares quantifiable data that convincingly presents a before and after picture

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