TOP 25 Micro-Learnings in SALES in 5 mins!

  1. Like-ability is one key to a successful deal. If you are likeable – the chances of having a deal increase by 6 times. This is because at the core – we as human beings are emotional.
  2. The hallmark of a true salesman lies in persistence without annoying the prospect by spending the right amount of time, efforts, and, energy.
  3. Humour makes follow up effective. Follow up is really about persistence. And with Humour you get a way to persist without annoying them.
  4. Be positive, not negative ! Basically this means to say what something is, rather than what it isn’t. e.g. Instead of saying “inexpensive” say “economical”. OR instead of saying “this software is error-free” or “foolproof”, say “this software is consistent” or “stable”.
  5. Keep your sales voicemail 20-30 seconds long. Use normal tone. Leave it at the end of the day. Don’t sound salesy.
  6. Prospects/Clients in China love WeChat. It’s quicker to get answers to any queries. Use emails for official communication.
  7. A one email for all type of campaign won’t work. A lot of prospect research and highly customised email is what can make the difference.
  8. A combination of good questioning skills and active listening. A connect call should be like a game of catch — a genuine conversation between a prospect and an SDR (Sales Development Representative).
  9. The best way to get more information out of your buyer and keep your deal on track is to mirror the buyer’s most important 1-3 words.
  10. Don’t only focus on the top dog in the meeting, the rest of the people are there for a purpose and have a say in the discussion as well.
  11. Make your customer the Hero. Use “You” more than “we”.
  12. Build a story of how we got a certain “objection” or “failure” or “know” about a problem that most customers face. And from their talk about how we started handling it better – Our solution.
  13. Make the message simple enough for even a second grader to understand while writing emails.
  14. A business’s true pain is what keeps the CEO/ boss up at night. If we figure out a way to ask about it smoothly – it’s a battle won.
  15. Every single follow up email you send should contain a unique benefit or piece of information.
  16. If the prospect says – The price is too high. You can say – I get that sometimes. “But let me ask you, if we can work out a price, would you be ready to buy?”.
  17. Give prospects an easy out. e.g. “If there is a slightest chance that you are OK with this budget we would be very happy to work with you, else, we understand we will lose this deal”.
  18. People buy based on emotion and justify with logic and with tonality you can tap into people’s emotions – make them feel certain emotions.
  19. Avoid long boring feature list. Instead of overwhelming the reader with a list of clients and a list of the millions of things you can do, just talk about one success story.
  20. After listening to your prospects  troubles, try to  effectively summarize how they feel, and what they hope to achieve ––“So it sounds like you need a solution X that can get rid of problem Y, while not compromising on value Z”.  By doing this, you’re demonstrating an understanding of how he/she feels. Once the prospect confirms this with a “That’s right” , consider half your job done.
  21. Try connecting with your client on a personal level ; humanise the conversation. Hand written notes is an amazing gesture that goes a long way.
  22. Stop selling yourself or your company and start selling what your prospect needs. The sooner you figure that out, the faster you make a sale.
  23. Ask open ended questions. Instead of using verbs like ‘is’, ‘can’, and ‘does’ in your questions that trigger yes/no responses, start using verbs like  ‘what’,’where’ and ‘when’ that lets prospects expand their thoughts to share more valuable info.
  24. While writing a cold email, you can list down the pain areas you think might concern your prospect (say 1 to 4) and ask him to reply with the number corresponding to the point that applies to him. Accordingly, you circle back with something of value to him in your next email.
  25. A human brain is more likely to get influenced by potential loss than potential gain. So instead of saying “By using our services we’ll be able to add X amount of value to your company every year”, use “ So currently you’re losing out on X amount of resources every year by not doing what we suggested – let us help you get that money back where it belongs.”

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