How to align Sales Process with Buyer’s Journey?

Case Study | Business Review | Seriously Addictive Mathematics

What’s in it for YOU?

This post shares a classic example of how can a business get breakthrough success.

First secret to this success is thorough understanding of buyer’s journey.

And the second secret is to align your sales process according to the buyer’s journey.

What’s the inspiration behind writing this?

Woohoo!! My Son has remarkably improved in solving word problems in Mathematics.

All thanks to SAM -Seriously Addictive Mathematics.

However, as a business reviewer,  their understanding of buyer’s journey and aligned sales process caught my attention.

Their business acumen is absolutely impressive!

We all can learn a great deal from SAM – Seriously Addictive Mathematics.


Who is their Buyer?

Parents of children aged 4-12 years. (Children who are finding it difficult to grasp the concepts of Mathematics)


What are the pain-points of buyer?

Most Children struggle to solve word problems in Maths.

This is one of the biggest pain points for parents.

Parents find it difficult to help their child with WORD PROBLEMS in Mathematics.

And it’s really important to have a solid foundation in Maths.

Hence parents look for different ways to help their child.


How does the buyer’s  journey looks like for SAM?

I know the font size in image below is too small. Click here for a magnified view.


Our Story as a Buyer (Parents):

(It also explains the alignment of sales process and buyer’s journey by SAM)

My son is in Grade 4 now (9 years old).

Word problems were introduced to him in Grade 1.

Initially he was introduced only addition based word problems. So blindly he did addition for all of them.

Then, he was introduced Subtraction based problems too.

Now it was at his mind’s discretion to add or subtract. But somehow he remained confused about whether to add or subtract.

With time multiplication, division, fractions etc were also introduced as word problems.

Me, My Husband, His School teacher…

everybody tried to help him understand the concepts better…

But whatever we did….

None of it worked (Only with the Word Problems).

He was just doing some guess work. Example: In the question shown in image below, instead of dividing, he tried to subtract.

Sometimes in exams he would just not attempt the word problems at all.

Sometimes he would multiply instead of dividing.

We somehow managed until two terms of grade 3. (In every grade there are 3 terms)

Then came the December Holidays.

We thought it would be a good time to explore some math enrichment classes for him.

We Googled for Mathematics Enrichment Classes in Singapore

SAM appears on the first page of search results at 4th position.

#Wisdom : “Be Found! You need to be where people look for you!”.

“Seriously Addictive Mathematics” : The name really caught our attention.

The name reflected to us that’s this class is run by people who love mathematics.

We began to explore the classes further.


What’s on SAM’s website? | A Powerful Landing page that converts!

What are the elements of a Landing Page that Converts?

A Landing Page converts only if it clearly justifies WHY should the buyer choose the product/service it offers.

The section called “Why Choose SAM” does it so well on their website. You gotta see it to believe it.

The website answers every possible question a buyer might have while visiting website.

(As you would have seen it in the Buyer’s journey exhibit shown above).

Below are a few pointers which attend to buyer’s journey while on the website.


Modular Worksheets Customised for each child. Tailored to each child’s ability to learning.

They have questions sets for each topic with different difficulty levels.

When a topic is introduced to the child for the first time, lots of easy questions are given to strengthen the concept clarity.

Once the child is thorough with the concept, he is being given a little higher difficulty level questions.

Gradually child gets comfortable with these difficult questions as well.

Then the child is presented with tricky questions.

This Child focused approach definitely attracts parents.


Class Size

Low Student-Teacher ratio. Maximum 4 students in a class with one teacher.


Colourful Worksheets:

Children are naturally inclined towards bright colours.

All SAM worksheets are brightly coloured with relevant pictures to make it easier for kids to imagine and understand.

The worksheets are so intuitively designed that children gradually start thinking in Mathematics.

Props, Toys, Accessories and Games to explain concepts.

Success Stories by Happy and Satisfied Parents.


Location details.

SAM currently operates in 20 countries with 11 centers in Singapore.

The website shows full address for each center with phone number.

Each address is shown with a link to MAP so that buyer can see distance between his home and center.

(Again, how beautifully it addresses the pain-point of the buyer.)


We visited the nearest SAM center.

We took an appointment to visit SAM.

On our visit, we saw a table.

The table top was filled with tons of Mathematics based toys.

The table was surrounded by a few chairs.

Our kids quickly grabbed the chairs and began to play with those toys.

#Wisdom: It’s a great way to engage kids while parents and SAM center coordinator can talk peacefully. 


The Assessment:

The coordinator asked us, what is our child learning in Mathematics at school.

The coordinator suggested that as a first step our child needs to go for an assessment, which would be around 40 minutes long.

The objective of the test is to find the weak points of child.

Based on the weak points, the concepts are chosen for the classes.


The Gamification:

At the center I saw a showcase full of attractive toys for children.

I wondered what it did there. My son, as expected, got attracted to see his favourite beyblades in the showcase.

Out of curiosity, I asked the coordinator, how can my son get those?

He said SAM has a points system. Kids collect points by solving the worksheets. Then they can redeem any of the toys here based on the accumulated points.

This definitely motivated my son 🙂


The Fee:

The fee for one session is 40 SGD. To be honest, it’s a little higher than average. But looking at the scope and hope of improvement. Me and my husband decided to enrol.


We enrolled our child at SAM.

Our son started with classes at SAM.

With full motivation he began to participate to gain points and earn the bey-blades.

However, the moment at which he realised that it’s taking too long to reach that points bench mark.

He began to redeem his points for other toys. (which needed less points).

But still kept going.

We bought him the bey-blades instead.

Poor child doesn’t know that fee of each class is equal to cost of 1 bey-blade.

However, the improvement in grades is definitely a motivator for us to keep our child continue with SAM.


How SAM quickly adapted with online transition due to #COVID19 lock-down?

Not even a single class was missed.

(However, I feel disheartened to say that my son’s primary school has not made the online transition yet for his class. It’s already been two weeks since the expected date of school reopening after final exams.)

The best thing I liked about them is the circulars they sent regarding the use of online platform as well as sending scanned worksheets to them for evaluation.

Each and Everything they do reflects that they understand their buyer really well. And Buyer’s comfort is their utmost priority.


SAM definitely delighted me as a Customer.

I feel that I am SAM’s true evangelist as a buyer.

My son has benefitted a lot from SAM classes.

I really hope that he gets seriously addicted to mathematics. (Mathematics has been my favourite subject too.) #NoPressureWhatSoEver

#FoodForThought: Do you think a person good in mathematics shall be a good maths teacher too…..Well I failed at teaching it to my son.

I have understood that to teach in a way the child understands is altogether a different game.

It is the art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. – Albert Einstein

Happiness for me is to businesses doing so well with prime focus on buyers.

However, It HURTS to see businesses who have great idea, great product, but don’t give a damn about customer experience.

Today I have shared a delightful experience with you.

I shall soon share the pathetic ones too.

You can definitely learn from both. What to DO and What NOT to do 🙂

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