How Celebrity Gym LOST a potential client?

missed the target showing loss of potential client for a gym

Here is the story of the gym …..

This January again, like every year, I took the resolution to lose weight. To help me with it, a friend recommended Celebrity Fitness Gym to me. I was delighted to know about their 7-days free trial and I quickly signed up with all the energy. However their sales-guy could not convince me to pursue the gym further.

Is the gym not good enough?…..NO!!

Frankly the whole concept of Celebrity Fitness gym is really cool. All the treadmills and exercising bikes are equipped with screen and unlimited internet making it easier to work out. Besides this the gym offers lot of fitness classes like Yoga, Zumba, Hatha Yoga, Floating Yoga etc as a part of membership. To top it all kids can enjoy Zumba and Yoga classes for free on weekends. In fact it offers a great membership package too which is actually quite cheap compared to other gyms or fitness classes in Singapore .

Am I not the potential client? …Well, I am!!

Age 31, Weight 74, Height 152 cms, 45% body Fat. Not just overweight I have entered the category of Obese. I really need to shed off those extra pounds.

Why did their sales representative failed to sell me the membership?

The sales consultant pissed me off. For 7 days of free trial everyday he called or messaged me to sign up for membership. He kept repeating the same thing; “We have a limited period offer only for limited customers, Sign up soon!!”

I think the sales consultant cared the least about my experience at gym.

My experience at gym:

I tried different fitness classes:

  • “Seduce” Zumba class”
    • Tried to catch up for 15 minutes.
    • The trainer didn’t pay any attention at all to guide me.
    • I quit, came out and did some cycling and walking on treadmill
  • “RPM” class: In this class they have some 25-30 bikes in one room. A bunch of people bike together and adjust the speeds to match the rhythm of music as instructed by the trainer.
    • I found it very uncomfortable to exercise on that bike and got severe rashes on bums in a 15-minutes struggle to cope up with the class.
    • The trainer could not help me out.
  • “Family Zumba by Coach Jeslyn”
    • I really enjoyed this class.
    • But with my stamina and ability I could not continue after half an hour.
  • “Fast Fit Training”
    • I loved this class.
    • The trainer (named “Bit”) guided the class really well.
    • Her instructions were very clear.
    • She corrected the students whenever they went wrong.
    • This is the first class where I survived happily for whole 1 hour.
    • But the workout was really intense and I could not recover from body aches for following 3 days.

Probably, by now, you would have understood that I was misfit for most of these classes. How these 7 days can be better utilised to convert a lead like me into a customer?

  • Step one should be a body analysis and a fitness test for the lead. This can work as an eye-opener and can make a strong psychological impact on the lead.
  • Educating the lead on how some exercises can help the lead to be fit and in a better shape.
  • Salesman/Trainer should be able to make the lead believe that it’s possible to lose weight; it’s gradually achievable to be more fit.
  • Salesman/Trainer should give a schedule that the lead can follow for the week.
  • On the 7th day the salesman should be all ears to the lead’s experience.
  • I am sure if the team succeeds in giving the right experience to the lead. The lead would himself/herself be more willing to join in.

An important Observation:

Most of the people I saw working out at gym already seemed fit. For this set of people who go to gym to maintain their fitness or gain muscular strength are self-motivated. To win such customers is easy as gym already offers what these people need.

However, there is huge set of overweight or obese people who are either shy to join the gym or join but quit the gym very easily. The gyms should try to catch hold of this set!!

The story continues…..

I am still looking for somebody to help me out with my weight loss resolution.

P.S. The story dates back to 2016. Fyi, the Celebrity Fitness later got merged with Fitness First.

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