How ChatGPT can Help You Maximize Your SaaS Email Marketing ROI?

Ever wished your email marketing campaigns led to more conversions for your SaaS product?

Well, ChatGPT can be extremely helpful.

I know, I know, you tried ChatGPT but didn’t get satisfactory results.

The key to high-quality results lies in training ChatGPT and writing precise, detailed prompts.

To curate killer ChatGPT prompts, I used email teardowns of successful SaaS companies from EmailMastery and brought my experience of writing emails for SaaS clients.

In this post, I will share how you can create emails that help you achieve business goals like:

  1. Acquiring customers through referral emails
  2. Retaining users by sharing the following in newsletters
    1. Sending them updates on new features of your SaaS products
    2. Educating them to make the most of your SaaS product
    3. Customer success stories
  3. Engage better with users by creating feedback request emails
  4. Converting free users into paid users

Leveraging ChatGPT for Effective SaaS Email Marketing Campaigns

To prepare sample emails and show how you can integrate SaaS email marketing campaigns, I chose Empuls, an employee management platform, as the use case company.

You can also get some insights from the key takeaways from Grammarly’s email marketing.

Acquiring Customers Through Referral Emails

Referral emails help you increase your customer base as it’s easier for people to use brands that others on their network use. Prospects are 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend.

When writing the prompt for a referral email in your SaaS email marketing campaign, including certain crucial information will ensure you get the best results. These details include the following:

  • A clear description of the SaaS product/service you are referring to
  • A brief explanation of why you find the product/service useful or valuable
  • A call-to-action encouraging the recipient to sign up for the product/service or take some other desired action (e.g., sharing the referral with others)

For customer acquisition through referrals, you would need two types of emails:

  • Email requesting the referral from your happy SaaS users
  • Email draft that your SaaS user can minimally modify (only if required) and share with the professionals in their circle
    • Sending a draft shall minimize the friction that SaaS user might have in referring your SaaS to someone

Sample Prompt for SaaS Referral Request Email

You are in the marketing team of a SaaS company that offers an employee engagement tool called Empuls. You wish to run a referral campaign to generate leads for Empuls. Can you prepare a killer referral request email that you shall send to delighted users of Empuls:

  • Write in a conversational tone
  • Keep the email under 100 words
  • Write super short sentences of less than 10 words
  • Add CTA – to refer Empuls to a friend for 100 free reward points
  • The referrer and referred both get 100 free reward points
  • Tell the user to share the referral code embedded URL for accumulating the reward points
  • Tell the user that you have attached a referral email draft to make the referrals easy

Awesome ChatGPT Output for Referral Request Email

Sample Prompt for SaaS Referral Email

Can you prepare a killer referral email for the SaaS product called Emplus:

  • The SaaS user is delighted and shares how he benefited from the tool
    • Better employee engagement and retention
  • The SaaS user shares a couple of features he loves
    • Anonymous feedback surveys
    • Peer recognition
    • Exhaustive reward catalog and easy reward redemption
  • Write in a conversational tone
  • Keep the email under 100 words
  • Write super short sentences of less than 10 words
  • Add CTA – to signup for Emplus using the sender’s referral code embedded URL
  • Add a one-liner about a joining bonus of 100 redeemable reward points

Awesome ChatGPT Output for SaaS Referral Email

By providing clear information about your product or service, you can improve ChatGPT’s output and craft referral emails encouraging customers to share your offering with their networks. With the assistance of ChatGPT, you can be confident that your referral emails will be well-written, engaging, and effective in acquiring new customers.

Rohan provides tips on how you can write value-packed emails for your prospects.

Retaining Users by Sharing Value in Newsletters

Newsletters can be an integral part of your email marketing campaign, but it would be wise to send a manageable amount to your customers. Metrics like open rate, click-through rate, and click-to-open rate decline after 8 newsletters per week.

Whether you prefer to send one value-packed weekly newsletter or spread information like discounts or new features across the week, you can use ChatGPT to write emails that best suit your customer segmentation.

New Feature Announcements

Introducing new features via email and highlighting how they can help your customers achieve their goals can help you drive user engagement, leading to increased adoption. With ChatGPT, you can generate well-crafted emails that effectively communicate the benefits of your new features, motivating users to check them out.

Sample Prompt for Email Introducing Exciting New Features

Can you prepare a killer email that highlights a new feature for the SaaS product called Emplus:

  • The name of the feature is Save & Delight
  • The feature enables businesses to:
    • Offer exclusive employee discounts and engage all demographics of their workforce, from Gen X to Gen Z.
    • Helping them save on everything from planned purchases to unexpected expenses.
    • By maximizing their savings and extending their income, businesses’ employees feel valued and motivated, increasing productivity and better overall morale.
  • Write in a conversational tone
  • Keep the email under 100 words
  • Write super short sentences of less than 10 words
  • Add CTA – to check out the new feature with an embedded URL
  • Add a one-liner benefit about using Empuls

Impressive ChatGPT Output for Email Introducing Exciting New Features

To enhance the quality of ChatGPT’s results, it is important to edit the content. This newsletter has been improved by incorporating a clear call-to-action, urging customers to explore the featured element. Customizing the prompt to align with your business’s preferred tone, whether business-casual or formal, ensures a tailored outcome that upholds a consistent brand voice.

Educate Customers on the Uses of the SaaS Tool

By leveraging ChatGPT, you can generate informative and engaging emails that educate your customers on your SaaS tool’s various uses and functionalities. These emails become valuable resources that provide helpful tips to ensure customers get the most out of your product.

With specific information about how customers can use your product to solve their problems, you can empower them to fully explore and use your SaaS tool’s features, ultimately driving satisfaction and success.

Sample Prompt for SaaS Email for Educating Customers on Maximizing the Value of Your SaaS Product 

Please write an impressive email that educates customers on how to use Empuls to solve their problem:

  • The SaaS user is experiencing employee disengagement and the inability to gauge employee sentiment
  • Highlight the Employee Survey tool and its benefits, including:
    • Considering the purpose of the survey(for example: to find out what employees think about the work culture)
    • Asking the right unbiased questions to get the best insights
    • Using the survey templates we provide for convenience.
  • Write in a conversational tone
  • Keep the email under 150 words
  • Write super short sentences of less than 10 words
  • Add a relevant CTA

Impressive ChatGPT Output for SaaS Email for Educating Customers on Maximizing the Value of Your SaaS Product

You can use this prompt to develop a SaaS email marketing campaign to educate your customers about how your product’s features benefit them by solving their problems and how they can implement them.

To get better results, add screenshots illustrating how to use the feature or a link to a blog post that goes into more detail about using the feature.

Customer Success Stories

While you can use ChatGPT to generate emails as I’ve done in the previous examples, I don’t recommend using it to generate customer success stories for the following reasons:

  • Lack of authenticity, that is, ChatGPT may not be able to capture your customer’s authentic voice accurately
  • ChatGPT has a limited understanding of the context around your customers’ specific experiences, leading to it generating generic or irrelevant content
  • Compliance issues involving the explicit consent to use customer data or data privacy laws

Rather than generating generic stories, you can ask ChatGPT to create a template that best emphasizes the social proof for your customer success stories.

Example Prompt for SaaS Email Showing Customer Success Story Template 

Write the template for a mail that best emphasizes the social proof for a customer success story for

  • Write in a conversational, authentic and inspirational tone
  • Keep the email under 100 words
  • Write short, clear sentences
  • Add a CTA that motivates the reader to sign up for a free demo

Impressive ChatGPT Output for SaaS Email Showing Customer Success Story Template

Thinking about how to write an email that increases your open rates? Moe posts a quick hack about that:

Engage Better With Users by Creating Feedback Request Emails

Customer feedback can help you build brand loyalty by showing you value your users’ opinions and spot areas where you can improve your product.

Example Prompt for Feedback Request Email

Write a remarkable feedback request email for Empuls’ users

  • Write in a conversational tone
  • Keep the email under 100 words
  • Use short, clear sentences
  • Add an incentive that users who provide feedback will receive early access to the tool
  • Add a CTA that motivates the reader to provide feedback

Remarkable ChatGPT Output for Feedback Request Email

Converting Free Users Into Paid Users

Crucial elements of emails that can help you turn free users into paid customers include the following:

  • Highlights showing the benefits of your paid service, emphasizing the added value that your paid service offers compared to the free version
  • Testimonials or case studies from satisfied paid customers to show the benefits of upgrading
  • A free trial or discount offer
  • A call to action that drives a sense of urgency, like a limited-time offer

Also read – 10 KeyTakeaways from Grammarly’s Email Campaign to Turn Free Users into Paid Users

Example Prompt for SaaS Email To Convert Free Users Into Paid Users

Prepare a killer email that motivates or inspires Empuls’ free users to convert to paid users

  • Highlight the benefits of its paid service
  • Write in a conversational tone
  • Keep the email under 100 words
  • Use short, clear sentences
  • Add an incentive as a free trial
  • Add a CTA for upgrading to the paid plan

Awesome ChatGPT Output for SaaS Email To Convert Free Users Into Paid Users

Using ChatGPT to improve the effectiveness of your SaaS email marketing campaigns provides impressive results.

Here are some results that Abhishek Shah, Founder of Testlify, has seen with ChatGPT compared to previous email campaigns without the tool:

  • 25% increase in email open rates
  • 10% increase in conversions rates
  • 15% increase in click-through rates

Challenges and Limitations of Using ChatGPT in SaaS Email Marketing Campaigns

Constraints I experienced while using ChatGPT to craft emails for a SaaS email marketing campaign included generic content, limited personalization, and language hurdles.

Generic Content

The most prominent one is that ChatGPT generates non-specific content, showing its limited contextual understanding and dependence on training data. The subject texts can get repetitive and uncreative too. You can overcome this limitation by being specific with your prompts.

With an in-depth understanding of your product or service, your target audience’s pain points and how you can solve their problems, you can better tailor ChatGPT’s results to your preferences. You can use your brand’s guidelines to improve the tone and voice to match yours.

Limited Personalization

Without specification, most ChatGPT emails include mundane business phrases like “I hope this email finds you well” or “I hope you are enjoying this lovely day.” Proper salutations, business jargon, or sign-offs require specification and some editing.

You can specify your prompts for ChatGPT to avoid adding specific phrases or include those that align with your brand voice or tone.

Language Hurdles

While the “use natural-sounding language” instruction in a prompt can help results to look more conversational and less AI-written, I still recognized AI content at a glance. Your customers can also notice this, negatively impacting their view of your business.

You can quickly solve this by editing the text to include emotional cues, individual preferences or previous conversations for better context. Enter your audience’s perspective to see how they’d read the email, and edit points that seem monotonic or don’t convey your message correctly.

Key Takeaways

An interesting way to look at ChatGPT’s answers is to see them as templates. You can tweak or edit these templates to fit your brand voice better and improve your results. Using ChatGPT to get inspiration, not the final solution, can help you write killer emails to enhance your SaaS email marketing campaigns.

Besides experimenting with the tool in your email marketing campaigns to maximize their ROI, you can use ChatGPT to repurpose blogs for LinkedIn and Twitter posts.

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