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5 Value Levels | Why do your Buyers Buy?

Whether your business is indispensable or instantly replaceable is the name of the game.

There are 5 levels of value in a business. Climbing up this value ladder can completely change your selling game. Most of the businesses start at level 1, some manage to reach level 2 or 3, very few make it to level 4 and probably a mere 2% make it to the level 5.

Let’s take a closer look at each level in this value ladder.

  1. Instantly Replaceable: 

  1. Decent Enough:

  1. Differentiator:


  1. Reliable:

  1. Indispensable:


This value ladder holds true not just for a product, a service, a company but an individual too. So, as an individual if you possess common skills, you are easily replaceable. However, if you possess a very rare skill or talent, you would always be in demand. The company you are working with would consider you as an asset. Other companies would have an eye on an opportunity to poach you. Thus, always look for ways to climb up the value ladder. 


#FoodForThought: At which level does your business stand now? Are you instantly replaceable or indispensable? 


If you are not sure at which level does your business belong, we will be happy to help.

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