How to Promote B2B Case Studies to Reach More Prospects in Just 7 Days

We consider writing a B2B SaaS case study comparable to writing a story for a film.

The customer is an “underdog” before using your SaaS product.

Facing pain points, they explore solutions, stumble upon and explore your SaaS product. After implementing and mastering your solution, they overcome the business problems—transcending to a “hero.”

The role of the distributor starts where the part of the playwright ends.

Put simply; your B2B SaaS case study has arrived at a juncture where your business needs to manage the marketing process and distribute the release to the right audience.

The motive is to promote your B2B SaaS wins – case studies and customer success stories – in a timely and effective manner to reach more prospects and convert them into paying customers.

This article will explain how to do that and generate effective results—in just seven days!

Let’s dive in.

10 Ways to Promote B2B SaaS Case Studies

Before we proceed, here’s a quick rundown of how to follow the tips.

Essentially, your B2B SaaS business can go ahead with the conventional methods or attempt novel approaches.

Here is the list of the 10 ways your business can promote your B2B SaaS case study.

#1 – Publish on Existing Social Media Accounts

#2 – Share in Relevant Online Communities

#3 – Run Paid Promotion Campaigns

#4 – Highlight on Company Website

#5 – Use Email Marketing

#6 – Utilise Sales Collaterals

#7 – Build for SEO Optimisation

#8 – Leverage your “Internal Chatter”

#9 – Feature Your Customer as a Guest

#10 – Utilise a Content Distribution Matrix

Let’s learn more about each approach.

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Conventional Methods to Promote B2B SaaS Case Studies

The methods outlined in this subsection are customary practices to share your business’s B2B SaaS case studies. We recommend exhausting many of these approaches since their returns merit their adoption.

#1 – Publish on Existing Social Media Accounts

Your business can share its B2B SaaS case study on social media accounts as the first course of action. Tagging your clients is a great way to broaden your content’s reach further. This helps your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections potentially get notified.

Source: Twitter

#2 – Share in Relevant Online Communities

Your business can consider distributing your B2B SaaS case study in regular hotspots where your target audience discusses industry news. Facebook groups, LinkedIn communities, relevant subreddits, and even replying to questions on Quora are great options.

Source: Quora

#3 – Run Paid Promotion Campaigns

Your business can consider “boosting” its reach to a broader audience—running paid media campaigns to increase the scale of your B2B SaaS case study’s distribution.

Moreover, your business is more than just reliant upon social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn can tangibly help your business reach your target B2B audience effectively.

Source: LinkedIn

Additionally, your business can run campaigns using the Google Display Network or partner with email newsletter publishers to reach a targeted audience.

Source: Google USA

#4 – Highlight on Company Website

Your B2B SaaS business’s landing page is your owned media! It makes excellent business sense to utilise this “real estate” for sharing customer success stories and case studies. Prospects can view vital social proof of happy clients while taking a cursory look at your website.

Source: Close

#5 – Use Email Marketing

Another valuable resource to share your B2B SaaS case studies is leveraging email marketing campaigns. Your business can distribute customer success stories and case studies to its newsletter subscribers. You can learn more by reading these 10 key takeaways from Grammarly’s email marketing.

#6 – Utilise Sales Collaterals

Using sales collaterals to share case studies is a great way to add weight to claims while nurturing prospects. Your sales development representatives can immediately highlight critical statistics on how your B2B SaaS business helped solve similar pain points of your existing customers.

Novel Approaches to Promote B2B SaaS Case Studies

The approaches recommended in this subsection are not common practice. However, utilising these approaches can bring considerably higher returns than their costs.

#1 – Build for SEO Optimisation

An underrated tactic to ensure high organic distribution is publishing your B2B SaaS case studies in a blog-style format.

The benefit of this approach is that your case studies become easily indexed by search engines. This helps your business attract the right audience researching such SaaS solutions. Moreover, your website traffic can organically end up visiting your case studies landing page to understand your service offering better.

Source: Advertaze

#2 – Leverage your “Internal Chatter”

“Internal Chatter” is everyday business stories from within the organisation.

So how can your business utilise this aspect?

After publishing your B2B SaaS case study, it will be highly beneficial if the employees who actively participated in the project share it with their networks. By adding personal observations on their participation in the work, they can tangibly increase relatability and help maximise conversions from the content piece.

#3 – Feature Your Customer as a Guest

A beneficial approach is inviting your B2B SaaS case study client on different platforms. Examples include hosting on Twitter Spaces, webinars and live events. This approach helps to facilitate active engagement with the audience. Prospects can understand more by interacting with your business and the client.

#4 – Utilise a Content Distribution Matrix

Lastly, it helps to have a structured approach to content marketing distribution.

Your business needs to make an informed decision on how to promote your B2B SaaS case study. Factors can include a particular approach’s return on investment and potential sales volume.

Source: PowerSlides

Parting Thoughts

We hope these conventional and novel approaches to distributing your B2B SaaS case studies help your business acquire targeted leads and convert them into paying customers. Narrowing down the appropriate distribution methods involves:

  • Leveraging your business’s social media presence. More than solely using your primary handle, interacting with relevant groups, and running paid campaigns can be highly effective.
  • Utilising your owned media channels. Your business can share case studies on the landing page and own email marketing/newsletter lists.
  • Tapping into relatability by publishing blog-style case studies and using “internal chatter.”

Additionally, your business can follow these 8 B2B SaaS case study best practices to get more leads and customers.

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