Why Should You Change Your Cold Email Approach?

While working on some cold reach-outs, I decided to read a bit about common mistakes that can be made while drafting cold emails and below one cold email approach just made me think – Is this the reason I am not getting the desired results?

I found this nice simple article that points out three common mistakes – 3 Cold Email Mistakes That Ruin Sales Conversations.

The one learning that I got from this article was – Avoid Long and Boring Feature List.

People typically try and articulate some areas where they can create an impact.

It’s like shooting at a target without aiming and hoping, against all odds, that one arrow hits the bull’s eye and makes a lead go “Yes! That’s a thing I need.”

What’s recommended – Instead of overwhelming the reader with a list of clients and a list of the millions of things you can do, for example, just talk about one success story. Keep it short – No more than two or three sentences.

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So, how you should modify your cold email approach?

Instead of sending just 1 email to your Prospect, send a series of emails. In that series, every single follow up email you send should contain a unique benefit or piece of information that educates your prospect why he should choose your service or product. The emails in that series should focus on different specific benefits, ideas, or pain points of your product or services.

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Happy Selling!

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