Create “Personalised Outreach” Using “Trigger Opportunities” | Sales

Many salespeople struggle to create personalized outreach to help with their prospecting.

One proven way that helps sales guys is using trigger opportunities to get in touch with prospects that are tied to their product/services. 

These opportunities can be really helpful to build a connection with the client (after all, we do not want our client to think that we are concerned only when he has a project) and may come as an opportunity to sell our services.

An example where one of our clients received an immediate answer is:

Jim – hi, I hope you are well.

While passing through my LinkedIn feed, I came across a post where you talked about the recent patent infringement case in the federal court. I am happy to know that you have won your’ first’ argument in the court and I thought to take this opportunity to congratulate you on this achievement.

It’s not common but the first accomplishments are always very special. Hope we get a chance to work for you and become a part of another such win in the Future.

Some go-to places to find such trigger opportunities are:

– LinkedIn personal posts

– Posts which prospects have liked/commented/shared

– Job Posts

– Google Alerts and other media sites 

– Personal Blogs

– Organization’s press releases

– Job role changes on LinkedIn

Do you know more? Let us know in the comments below.

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