SaaS Website Structure – How to Make Your Website Your 24×7 Star Salesperson

SaaS Website Structure - How to Make Your Website Your 24x7 Star Salesperson

Your website has the power to be your most effective 24×7 salesperson. All you need to do is build it well – with a little thought and a little heart.

Have questions and doubts? Don’t worry. We’ve brought you a go-to guide to help you do this right! 

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For your website to connect and stick, you need to nail two elements – the structure and the copy. Here’s a breakdown of what your website structure should look like, with tips thrown in to help you write effective copy. And if you need help to spin the right web of words, we got ya!

Bonus! ✨ 

Three copywriting tips

  1. Choose a voice and stick to it.
  2. Keep the sentences short and the language simple.
  3. Give SEO the respect it deserves

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Before we get into the details, let’s quickly list out the pages your website must have:

🏡 Home

🛠 Resources

🗺 Product Tour

❓ Why Us

👜 Customers

💁🏻 Help Desk

💵 Pricing

☎️ Contact Us

ℹ️ About Us

‼️ 404 Error

📰 Press

SaaS Website Structure Concurate

We’ve converted this entire guide in PDF form that you can download and save for later reading (or sharing with your friends). You can download it using the form below:

Home Page 

Your home page serves as a guide for your visitors. So use this space to let them know they are in the right place and set the tone for their journey.

This is a good place to showcase your brand’s vision and mission statement and have some bold, clear, and clickable CTA buttons.

Make sure that your homepage houses these sections:

  1. A Headline, Sub-Headline, and Call to Action
  2. Challenges
  3. Solutions with Features
  4. Benefits
  5. Answers to Objections 
  6. Social Proof and Testimonials
  7. Plans and Pricing
  8. Visitor Details Capture


Create content that adds value to the visitor. There are multiple reasons you must have a resources section on your website. 

  • It shows visitors that you want to help
  • It drives more traffic to your website
  • It makes your website more socially share-able
  • It encourages the visitor to spend more time on your website

Resources are good, no doubt. But what kind of resources can and should you put out there?

  1. Blogs
  2. Case-studies
  3. Templates
  4. Guides or Training Videos
  5. E-books 

Product Tour 

Having a product tour on your website gives you a chance to convert visitors to customers. With customers being able to experience the tool firsthand, the chances of them wanting to buy it increase manifold. This is also a way for you to tease the best features you have and make visitors feel like they’re missing out if they don’t jump on the bandwagon. 

There are different ways in which you may want to show off your product. You can either choose to 

  1. Take the visitor through it feature by feature – This works great if you have a tool that’s heavy on features, serves many purposes, or has a lot to unpack. Or, 
  2. Conduct an easy walk-through set up revealing your product in an interactive, inviting manner.

Why Us

This is where you convince your customers that you and they are a match made in heaven. Emotion is a strong influencer. In this section of your website, tell the reader how your product can solve their problems, make their lives easier and how your company ethos aligns with what they are looking for. 


It’s a good idea to talk about the various kinds of customers your product can be used by. Detailing customer personas and how your product can serve each person and solve their problems is a great way to encourage sales. Use your website as a magnet to attract even those who are not entirely sure of whether they want to use your product or not. 

Help Desk

A product tour will take a visitor across the basic features that your product offers. Setting up a help desk page on your website will help answer more specific, detailed questions that your product tour may not have been able to cover. Resources around specific features, fun blogs and how to-s, and cheat sheets are great inclusions in this section of your website. 


Being forthright and transparent about what you offer and at what price creates an instant trust between you and a potential customer. If you have a clear, defined model for your services, prefer to keep your sales budgets tight, and can attribute fixed figures to structured services, this is a no-brainer.  

Contact Us 

Having a contact page on a website is pretty basic. Stating the obvious here, please plug in your address pinned on a map widget, phone number, email id, and any other contact information you may want to share. Yes, it must contain the essential contact information. But increase chances of people actually reaching out to you by having active CTAs and meeting or call links built-in which make it easy for them to reach out to you. Adding in a message box where visitors could leave a message within the site to request a reach out is also a good idea. 

About Us

This website is yours, yes. But the visitor or potential customer is the hero. Your website must lay out the path to success that you can walk the visitor down with the help of your product. Some ways to up your content game in this section are:

  1. Share your journey as a story. Draw the visitor in
  2. Add a human touch by getting personal 
  3. A blueprint of how your product can help the visitor build his/her dream future

404 Error Page

Being lost on a website can be quite similar to being lost in a new city in a time where GPS didn’t exist. Your 404 Error Page acts as a navigation compass in case someone loses their way around your website, in case of broken links or similar situations. Your 404 Error page should be warm so the visitor doesn’t feel lost, and always point back to your homepage like the North Star.


There’s a difference between promoting yourself as opposed to the work that you do. A Press Section allows you to share what other people are saying about you and your product, and what you may have published in the media. This builds credibility, reliability, and trust. When a visitor sees that you know what you’re talking about and sees that there are others who trust you and your product, he becomes more comfortable with the idea of investing in it.

Website Building Best Practices

  1. Use a service like WordPress to build your website. It’s easy, pocket-friendly, and allows you easy edits without necessarily asking for professional help. What’s more? These sites are trusted more easily by search engines and rank higher as search results. 
  2. Choose from the plenty of ready themes available to build on. These make your decisions easier and quicker, and ensure that your website has everything you need it to have. Some of our favorite WordPress themes are Jupiter, [*]
  3. Keep your website engaging but not unnecessarily heavy on the UI. Unless it’s doing something for you by leaps and bounds, cut it out. The less heavy, the faster your website. And every second matters. 
  4. The ratio of text to image in your website must be healthy. Overuse of either tip the balance and makes the website uninviting and difficult to navigate.
  5. Have a sitemap or a prominent menu bar to make the website experience easy.
  6. Keep the content customer-focused. Make it all about the customer, less about you. Let your work speak for you. 

Concurate | Who we are

We are a content creation and marketing agency that works with you to convert visitors to revenue. Our team specializes in charting a course of action that begins with identifying your brand voice and creating no-frills content that speaks to your audience and makes them want to engage with your services. Feel free to reach out to book a meeting with us to see how best we can work together.

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How to take your Buyer’s Pain Away?

From Zero to IPO in Just 4 Years

Lemonade Insurance Nailed it!

Not just that,

Its shares doubled on the first morning of trading.

Secret to Success

“One of the factors that stood out most to us when building a new kind of insurance company was the conflicted interests and lack of transparency. It was mind-boggling that an industry that is performing such an important societal role is perceived so negatively. Insurance fraud is a serious symptom of this. That’s why we made transparency and overcoming conflicts of interest a significant pillar of Lemonade.” – Daniel Schreiber, CEO and co-founder Lemonade.

Creating Love in a Deeply Hated Industry. #InsuranceReImagined

Lemonade Inc. aims to disrupt the industry dominated by a handful of traditional names.

The secret lies in this two-step formula.

Step 1: Thoroughly understanding the Buyer’s Journey.

Step 2: Removing Pain by Innovative Solutions.

Keeping in mind the Millennial (Buyer)Persona while creating the solutions.

Buyer’s Journey for Insurance

There are two most painful stages in the buyer’s journey.

  1. Comparing and Choosing the Right Insurance Policy.
  2. Claiming insurance money (if needed).

Comparing and choosing the right insurance policy.

Emotional State: Curious, Gathering information about insurance.

Pain-Point: Most policies are written in jargon, difficult to comprehend.

And the most cunning “***Conditions Applied” section.

What a buyer looks for?

  1. What all gets covered?
  2. Is the monthly premium worth it and affordable?

How Lemonade has addressed this?

  1. Well Executed Content Strategy.
  2. Impressive User Experience.
  3. Comparison tables with major players in the domain.

Well Executed Content Strategy.

“Educating the buyers through blog posts moves them closer to the buying decision.”

Let’s say, I need to get my newly bought house insured.

The first thing I will do is to google for home insurance options.

As an answer to my query, take a look at the following post by Lemonade.

“How to Buy Affordable Home Insurance Online?”

And in this article, they address each and every question that may pop up in my mind as a buyer.


Is a cheaper home insurance policy actually better?

What makes a homeowner’s policy unique to you? 

Does coverage affect the price? 

Can I get a discount on my policy? 

How do claims work? 

In fact, Lemonade Insurance has a full blog category dedicated to HomeOwners.

Look at how Lemonade has mentioned, “in Plain Engish“.

Most policies are written in complex language, difficult to comprehend.

Lemonade again beautifully addressed the pain point of a buyer here.

Impressive User Experience

It’s super quick and easy to buy an insurance policy from lemonade in a few clicks on a mobile phone.

Keeping in mind the mobile-friendly and informed millennial generation.

No need to fill the forms, Just speak into the camera.

Comparison tables with major players in the domain.

Often buyers find it difficult to make the right choice for the policy.

Lemonade insurance has made that also super easy.

Take a look at this.

Claiming Insurance Money (If Needed)

Emotional State: Scared. Frustrated.


  1. Negotiation with insurance agents to settle claims.
  2. Long wait to get the claim.

Setting Claims with Lemonade is as fast as a bullet train:

Jim’s laptop got stolen.

He reported it to the Lemonade insurance company.

In just a few minutes.

On just a few clicks.

On his phone.

Laptop’s full cost – $2000.

Got debited to his bank account.

No complex forms.

No negotiation with insurance agents.

Can’t believe it, right?

But, With Lemonade Insurance, it’s POSSIBLE.

“90 seconds to get insured and just 3 minutes to get paid.”

Claiming insurance can’t get easier than this.

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Comparison: Lemonade Vs Traditional Insurance Companies

Below are a few interesting observations:

AI-Powered Bot MAYA Vs 1000s of Insurance agents

When the job of thousands of insurance agents gets done by an AI powered bot,

The expenses borne by the company are far less (as it doesn’t have to pay agents).

Hence, it ultimately benefits the buyer.

Long Complex Forms Vs Few Clicks on Phone

A hassle-free buying experience from long complex form-filling to just speaking into a camera is absolutely commendable.

Be it while buying a policy or while making the claims.

Money Making Mind Set Vs Giving Back to Society

It’s quite interesting to know that Lemonade Inc. works on a flat-fee model.

So, let’s say, if they are charging 20 cents per day to insure a laptop from one person.

Out of those 20 cents, 2 cents is a flat fee to run the company.

Out of 18 cents, some money if left, after settling any claims, goes towards different charities.

Charity is chosen by the buyer of the insurance policy.

This innovative solution in business model helps in two ways.

  1. Because the company has no incentive to make money by settling claims for less than the desired amount. The company does not negotiate hard on amount getting claimed. Whereas, traditionally, Money left after settling the claims and deducting company expenses is considered as profit. So, more money left means more profit.
  2. People do not make false claims because of their consciences that if they do so, they are snatching something from poor and needy who otherwise can benefit from the money that got collected towards charity.

How are you taking away the pain that buyers have?

Happy to hear from you in the comments.

Or if you are aware of the buyer’s pain but don’t know how to address it,

We are happy to help.

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How to create a Buyer Persona? Xtensio

What is a Buyer Persona?

Buyer Persona is a sketch of person who is most likely to buy your product/service.

Do you want to be “Noise” or “Signal”?

If you sell age-defying cream, and your facebook ad appears in feed of a young lady in her 20s.

You would come across just as noise to her ( Age matters 😉 ).

Hence, it’s important to have a clear understanding of who your potential customer is.

Why should you create a Buyer Persona?

  1. To streamline your lead generation, cold outreach, social media ad efforts.

  2. To keep everybody in the team on same page as far as potential customer is concerned.

  3. To reach the decision maker who has the power to buy your product/service.

How can you create a buyer persona?

Following attributes can help you create one.

  1. Age
  2. Location
  3. Designation
  4. Traits
  5. Goals
  6. Frustrations
  7. Motivation
  8. Industry
  9. Web Presence
  10. Bio

Based on your product/service, you may wish to add/remove attributes from the list above.

Also, it depends, whether you have enough customer data or not.

If you have enough customer data, you can use that to fill the values for attributes listed in template.

And, if you do not have enough customers yet, create one with your understanding and gradually upgrade it.

Buyer Persona Template

Yesterday, I underwent a training on “Digital Marketing Acceleration Bootcamp”

The training was conducted by  Anna Rehermann from The Elemental Academy.

Anna is a wonderful instructor and the session was very interactive.

I attended the course because its always good to keep yourself updated.

Besides, somebody else’s perspective might be better than yours.

Happiness for me is to share every interesting thing I learn.

So here I am, once again, to share it all with you.

In the class, Anna shared a wonderful template to create buyer persona.

She suggested a platform by the name Xtensio to create one.

Here is how the template looks like:

Buyer Persona | Concurate

Here is how we created one for ourselves at Concurate.

We did a little tweaking in sections in order to customise it for us.

You can do it too!

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Buyer’s Journey | How to Delight Your Customers?

The buyer’s journey does not end as soon as he buys the product.

Rather a buyer’s journey continues until the buyer opens the product, uses it, gives feedback, recommends/criticizes it!

Each and every experience that a buyer has with a product/service is a part of a buyer’s journey.

As a seller, it’s your job to make sure that a buyer’s every experience is pleasant.

Has it ever happened to you, that you found it really difficult to remove packaging from a product?

Any product, it could be a toothbrush, a trimmer, a printer cartridge etc.

Did it feel unpleasant?

Well, it happened to me.

And it definitely feels unpleasant!

Look at the video below:

I recently bought this Phillips trimmer and found it really difficult to open with bare hands.

I could have surely used a pair of scissors to open it.

It’s also not like that people would stop buying this product just because of its difficult to remove packaging.

However, everything else kept the same, if a company offers me an easy to remove packaging, I would definitely switch to it.

The Bigger Idea | Buyer’s Journey

I have picked up an unpleasant unpacking experience just as an example.

However, just by focusing on buyer’s journey, new players can outsmart their old competitors.

Or grab much more market share or simply delight their customers.

Let me present a few examples (only the delightful ones) here:

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Virtual Debit card by Singtel Dash | Buyer’s Delight

(Singtel Dash is a popular Mobile Wallet in Singapore. Singtel is a big telecom service provider with great market share.)

What do you guys think is the biggest pain-point for any buyer to use their Debit/Credit cards?


Singtel’s ingenious idea of providing a virtual visa account beautifully addresses this pain-point in the buyer’s journey.

In Virtual Visa account you keep a limited amount of money, say $100, and you can keep using it just like your normal debit card for any payments whose sum total is within $100, e.g. 1 transaction of $50, another of $30 and yet another of $20. Once you finish these $100 you can add more money to this virtual card. Hence, if at all, this virtual card is hacked by a thief, he would never be able to steal more than $100 from your account.

Isn’t this brilliant or what?

Singtel Dash offers tons of other interesting features, all of them well in accordance to buyer’s journey.

#ILoveIt: My favorite feature of this virtual card is to use it for contactless payment of my train ticket to travel anywhere in Singapore.

And shopping at local shops, food courts, taxi fare.

And Singtel Dash works well with face recognition, no need to remember one more password.

(One more star to them for saving me the pain of remembering one more password).

I may forget the purse at home, but there are 0.01% chances that I shall leave my phone at home.

Hence this mobile wallet is with me 24 x 7.

#FoodForThought: The future is contactless payments. Have you moved to this new way of paying or not?

Women Denims by Express | Delight for Buyer

This one comes from my personal experience.

Out of three pairs of denim I have one – Express, one – Pepe Jeans and one – Deal Jeans.

My phone fits only in the pocket of Express brand denims.

From the other two denims my phone falls out from the pocket when I sit.

Clearly, the other two brands did not focus on the buyer’s journey.

Besides big pockets, the fit, the material, the style everything scores a 10/10 for Express denims.

The only problem is their online store is not accessible outside the USA.

I hope they would be open to the world soon.

Spark Camera Mobile App to create videos | A Vlogger’s Delight

How often do you pay for a mobile app?

Facebook is free.

Whatsapp is free.

Gmail is free.

To be honest, not very often!

You pay for a mobile app only when you feel that you cannot get that feature anywhere else for free.

Examples of such apps are Smule – the karoke app, eDJing – the music mixing app,  Spark Camera – the video editing app.

I am a vlogger and believe me Spark Camera is the best thing that has happened to my vlogging endeavor.

It’s a cakewalk to create a vlog using the spark camera app. The best part is its highly intuitive user interface and super smooth user experience.

Spark Camera app covers each and every concern mentioned in the usage stage of the buyer’s journey.

Look at the testimonial from one of the app users. The testimonial says it all.

If you have read the post until here, I am sure you wish to increase sales for your business.

Here is yet another post to help you better understand the “Buyer’s Journey“.

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How to align Sales Process with Buyer’s Journey?

Case Study | Business Review | Seriously Addictive Mathematics

What’s in it for YOU?

This post shares a classic example of how can a business get breakthrough success.

First secret to this success is thorough understanding of buyer’s journey.

And the second secret is to align your sales process according to the buyer’s journey.

What’s the inspiration behind writing this?

Woohoo!! My Son has remarkably improved in solving word problems in Mathematics.

All thanks to SAM -Seriously Addictive Mathematics.

However, as a business reviewer,  their understanding of buyer’s journey and aligned sales process caught my attention.

Their business acumen is absolutely impressive!

We all can learn a great deal from SAM – Seriously Addictive Mathematics.


Who is their Buyer?

Parents of children aged 4-12 years. (Children who are finding it difficult to grasp the concepts of Mathematics)


What are the pain-points of buyer?

Most Children struggle to solve word problems in Maths.

This is one of the biggest pain points for parents.

Parents find it difficult to help their child with WORD PROBLEMS in Mathematics.

And it’s really important to have a solid foundation in Maths.

Hence parents look for different ways to help their child.


How does the buyer’s  journey looks like for SAM?

I know the font size in image below is too small. Click here for a magnified view.


Our Story as a Buyer (Parents):

(It also explains the alignment of sales process and buyer’s journey by SAM)

My son is in Grade 4 now (9 years old).

Word problems were introduced to him in Grade 1.

Initially he was introduced only addition based word problems. So blindly he did addition for all of them.

Then, he was introduced Subtraction based problems too.

Now it was at his mind’s discretion to add or subtract. But somehow he remained confused about whether to add or subtract.

With time multiplication, division, fractions etc were also introduced as word problems.

Me, My Husband, His School teacher…

everybody tried to help him understand the concepts better…

But whatever we did….

None of it worked (Only with the Word Problems).

He was just doing some guess work. Example: In the question shown in image below, instead of dividing, he tried to subtract.

Sometimes in exams he would just not attempt the word problems at all.

Sometimes he would multiply instead of dividing.

We somehow managed until two terms of grade 3. (In every grade there are 3 terms)

Then came the December Holidays.

We thought it would be a good time to explore some math enrichment classes for him.

We Googled for Mathematics Enrichment Classes in Singapore

SAM appears on the first page of search results at 4th position.

#Wisdom : “Be Found! You need to be where people look for you!”.

“Seriously Addictive Mathematics” : The name really caught our attention.

The name reflected to us that’s this class is run by people who love mathematics.

We began to explore the classes further.


What’s on SAM’s website? | A Powerful Landing page that converts!

What are the elements of a Landing Page that Converts?

A Landing Page converts only if it clearly justifies WHY should the buyer choose the product/service it offers.

The section called “Why Choose SAM” does it so well on their website. You gotta see it to believe it.

The website answers every possible question a buyer might have while visiting website.

(As you would have seen it in the Buyer’s journey exhibit shown above).

Below are a few pointers which attend to buyer’s journey while on the website.


Modular Worksheets Customised for each child. Tailored to each child’s ability to learning.

They have questions sets for each topic with different difficulty levels.

When a topic is introduced to the child for the first time, lots of easy questions are given to strengthen the concept clarity.

Once the child is thorough with the concept, he is being given a little higher difficulty level questions.

Gradually child gets comfortable with these difficult questions as well.

Then the child is presented with tricky questions.

This Child focused approach definitely attracts parents.


Class Size

Low Student-Teacher ratio. Maximum 4 students in a class with one teacher.


Colourful Worksheets:

Children are naturally inclined towards bright colours.

All SAM worksheets are brightly coloured with relevant pictures to make it easier for kids to imagine and understand.

The worksheets are so intuitively designed that children gradually start thinking in Mathematics.

Props, Toys, Accessories and Games to explain concepts.

Success Stories by Happy and Satisfied Parents.


Location details.

SAM currently operates in 20 countries with 11 centers in Singapore.

The website shows full address for each center with phone number.

Each address is shown with a link to MAP so that buyer can see distance between his home and center.

(Again, how beautifully it addresses the pain-point of the buyer.)


We visited the nearest SAM center.

We took an appointment to visit SAM.

On our visit, we saw a table.

The table top was filled with tons of Mathematics based toys.

The table was surrounded by a few chairs.

Our kids quickly grabbed the chairs and began to play with those toys.

#Wisdom: It’s a great way to engage kids while parents and SAM center coordinator can talk peacefully. 


The Assessment:

The coordinator asked us, what is our child learning in Mathematics at school.

The coordinator suggested that as a first step our child needs to go for an assessment, which would be around 40 minutes long.

The objective of the test is to find the weak points of child.

Based on the weak points, the concepts are chosen for the classes.


The Gamification:

At the center I saw a showcase full of attractive toys for children.

I wondered what it did there. My son, as expected, got attracted to see his favourite beyblades in the showcase.

Out of curiosity, I asked the coordinator, how can my son get those?

He said SAM has a points system. Kids collect points by solving the worksheets. Then they can redeem any of the toys here based on the accumulated points.

This definitely motivated my son 🙂


The Fee:

The fee for one session is 40 SGD. To be honest, it’s a little higher than average. But looking at the scope and hope of improvement. Me and my husband decided to enrol.


We enrolled our child at SAM.

Our son started with classes at SAM.

With full motivation he began to participate to gain points and earn the bey-blades.

However, the moment at which he realised that it’s taking too long to reach that points bench mark.

He began to redeem his points for other toys. (which needed less points).

But still kept going.

We bought him the bey-blades instead.

Poor child doesn’t know that fee of each class is equal to cost of 1 bey-blade.

However, the improvement in grades is definitely a motivator for us to keep our child continue with SAM.


How SAM quickly adapted with online transition due to #COVID19 lock-down?

Not even a single class was missed.

(However, I feel disheartened to say that my son’s primary school has not made the online transition yet for his class. It’s already been two weeks since the expected date of school reopening after final exams.)

The best thing I liked about them is the circulars they sent regarding the use of online platform as well as sending scanned worksheets to them for evaluation.

Each and Everything they do reflects that they understand their buyer really well. And Buyer’s comfort is their utmost priority.


SAM definitely delighted me as a Customer.

I feel that I am SAM’s true evangelist as a buyer.

My son has benefitted a lot from SAM classes.

I really hope that he gets seriously addicted to mathematics. (Mathematics has been my favourite subject too.) #NoPressureWhatSoEver

#FoodForThought: Do you think a person good in mathematics shall be a good maths teacher too…..Well I failed at teaching it to my son.

I have understood that to teach in a way the child understands is altogether a different game.

It is the art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. – Albert Einstein

Happiness for me is to businesses doing so well with prime focus on buyers.

However, It HURTS to see businesses who have great idea, great product, but don’t give a damn about customer experience.

Today I have shared a delightful experience with you.

I shall soon share the pathetic ones too.

You can definitely learn from both. What to DO and What NOT to do 🙂

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BTW, Where do you stand in this value ladder as a business?

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Why Do People Buy Your Product?

Do you know why people buy your product?

If you succeed in finding the right answer to this question, You can surely sell better !!

The answer to this question lies in this amazing secret to selling!

After learning the secret, I felt like cross verifying it with my own purchases. And believe me, it’s magically true.

On the weekend, I bought a Top….. na nana nan na……nopes…. I bought the amazing look that comes after wearing that top.

My son (Champ) asked for a particular models of beyblades (Z Achillies and Wonder Valtryek)  this birthday.

Observe this conversation with my son:

Me: Why do you want beyblades?

Champ : Because I enjoy playing with them.

Me: Why did you ask me to order particularly these ones?

Champ: Because, they give me an upper edge over my opponent to win.

Me: Does winning make you happy?

Champ: Yes Ofcourse 🙂

Champ did not buy beyblades, he bought Happiness of Winning.

Let’s try to apply this logic of ” Why do people buy your product?” to certain products or services!

  1. You don’t buy a Camera. You buy beautiful memories to be cherished forever.

  2. You don’t buy a fan. You buy wind to cool you down.

  3. You don’t buy a gym membership, You buy a FITTER you.

  4. You don’t buy education for your children. You buy a SECURE FUTURE for your children.

  5. You don’t buy domestic help. You buy more time and energy to chase your dreams.

  6. You don’t buy multivitamins. You buy better health.

  7. You don’t buy a watch. You buy a conversation starter.

  8. You don’t buy a house. You buy a happy living for your family.

  9. You don’t buy Cake. You buy an “Expression of Love”.

What did you buy last? Why did you buy it? Can you relate to what I just shared?

What do you sell? (Looking forward to hear your answers to this question in the comment section, Let’s see if you know the secret to selling!)

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What we sell at Concurate?

We sell “Double Digit Revenue Growth”!

Here is one more secret to sell more!!

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Buyer’s Journey | How to get more customers?

Met with an entrepreneur (Let’s call him Ryan, don’t want to reveal his real identity) today over zoom and discussed his current business challenges. His foremost business challenge is to get more customers. Feeling super happy that we (me and my colleague: Nitesh) could provide him some valuable inputs to solve his current problems. And here we are to share it all with you.

What does Ryan do?

Ryan has 16+ years of industry experience in medical communication domain. In these 16 years he has served a few multi-national companies at highly prestigious positions. It was 8 months back that he decided to venture into medical communications domain as an entrepreneur.  In these 8 months he managed to get good business because of his caliber and strong network. But now different business challenges have started popping up.

Keep reading to know more about his challenges and our suggestions to solve them.

How we got into a call?

Ryan read one of our articles on “How to hire a sales rep in 2020?” and here is how he responded to us.

Ryan: Nice post. Is this done with HubSpot? You have to teach me how you did it with  your website.

Aditi: Sure Ryan. My colleague Nitesh integrated HubSpot for our website and we will be more than happy to help. However, before we do that, we would like to know what exactly is the problem you are facing?

Ryan: Great Aditi, I would like to know how it can help to drive traffic to our website and if it can help me get more customers. we can do a zoom call if you want to share your screen.

Aditi: Cool! To be honest, HubSpot won’t help you generate leads. HubSpot is a tool which can help you streamline the data about your clients, projects, deals, sales etc. This streamlined information can be leveraged to increase the revenue growth for the company. As for lead generation, let’s discuss over zoom. I shall share the zoom link soon.

#FoodForThought: What can a post do for you?  Our post served the purpose of writing it. We write articles to provide value to our prospects. And gradually to convey them that we have the potential to solve their business challenges. Ryan read one of our articles we distributed over Linkedin.

Prep-work before the call:

 We studied his website and the kind of work he does.

#FoodForThought: What’s the purpose of a website? The purpose of website is to make the visitor believe that the company behind the website can help him solve his problems. So, it’s important to share the wisdom and expertise in various ways on the website.  

Here is the list of a few must things which website had and did not have.

Sample of workNo
Names of ClientsYes
Testimonials from clientsNo
Philosophy of their workNo
Contact DetailsYes
A way to capture visitor’s email addressNo

Besides getting all of these ticked to a “Yes”, it’s really important to map it all with buyer’s journey. And to articulately present your approach to work. Otherwise the magic won’t happen.

Also, we understood that Ryan’s company creates marketing and branding materials to be used in medical communications domain. For marketing and branding companies work portfolio is a MUST to be showcased. As your WORK speaks more than your WORDS.

What we discovered in our discussion with Ryan and our suggestions?

 Discovery 1:  Ryan’s website is a one pager website created using GoDaddy.

#FoodForThought: Websites built using WordPress rank better in Google. To use WordPress, is a piece of cake even for non-tech founders. There are tons of free themes available to give a great structure and impressive look to your website. Adding content like different landing pages, blog posts, videos, podcasts etc. is super easy with WordPress.

Our Suggestion: We suggested Ryan that he should build his website using WordPress and we shared this link with him to get him started. Along with the link we assured to help him with any problems he might face with HubSpot.

We also suggested him to take inspiration from this super impressive website which also deals in Branding and Marketing but are not restricted to a single domain.

The Website is Zero.

What we love about Zero is how beautifully they have showcased their work. Besides showing their work they have also shared their approach and psychology behind their work. Their articulation is beyond impressive and super creative.

Discovery 2: Ryan needed help in bringing more visitors to his website and thus more customers.

#FoodForThought: Essentially Ryan wants to know “How to be found” when his probable clients search google for the kind of services he provides. And how can these visitors be converted into customers.

Our Suggestion:  We quickly made the following flow to give him a broad idea on how can he bring more visitors to convert them into customers.

We explained to Ryan the two important things:

  1. What can he do to be found on Google.
  2. What he should do after being found.

People who might need to avail his services are in medical domain. Being from the same industry Ryan knows what these people are generally interested in reading. He can start providing valuable industry insights in medical domain in engaging way. Ryan also knows the pain-points of these people. He can creatively start showing how his service offerings can solve those pain-points.

Once the website gets pretty rich in content. Gradually, it will get ranked by Google and start appearing in top results. However, this is a work of patience but definitely worth it.

#AQuickTip: While working on ranking Semrush and Google Analytics shall be of great help.

Discovery 3: Ryan is under the impression that HubSpot can help him get more customers.

#FoodForThought: It’s a myth that just integrating your website with HubSpot can help you get more customers. HubSpot is just a tool, which if used efficiently can definitely help you improve your sales. How can you accomplish that is a vast topic in itself. You shall soon find it on our website.

Our Suggestion: We explained to Ryan by giving him a quick virtual tour of HubSpot and top 5 things he can accomplish with HubSpot. HubSpot becomes really powerful when it has tons of data about 100s or more of your clients and a decently big sales team.

  1. Clients’ contact and communication details (You can see a complete exchange of mails between your client and the sales representative. Or You can even pull out a list of clients with whom you have not touched base in a long time).
  2. Automation for marketing like newsletters or follow up emails.
  3. Tracking of your deals as in which stage the deal is in presentation, proposal, closed, invoice raised, or payment received etc.
  4. Track sales activities of various sales representatives from cold emails and calling to deal closure calls.
  5. Assigning tasks to various members within the company so that you do not miss out on following up with a potential customer.

What we did  next?

We sent a follow up email to Ryan summarising all the important points of discussion along with links to some helpful articles.

We thought just like Ryan, there could be more entrepreneurs facing the same problem. So in order to help them we created this post. It gives us immense happiness to help entrepreneurs solve their business problems. If you think some entrepreneur in your network might find this useful, please do share the link to this article with him/her.

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5 Value Levels | Why do your Buyers Buy?

Whether your business is indispensable or instantly replaceable is the name of the game.

There are 5 levels of value in a business. Climbing up this value ladder can completely change your selling game. Most of the businesses start at level 1, some manage to reach level 2 or 3, very few make it to level 4 and probably a mere 2% make it to the level 5.

Let’s take a closer look at each level in this value ladder.

  1. Instantly Replaceable: 

  • Being in this stage means you are just meeting the basic expectation as laid out by the prospect.
  • Prospect was looking for a feature X and by chance your product/service happens to provide that feature X. Prospect was looking for a toothpaste at the nearest shopping mart from his house and by chance that mart carried the toothpaste you sell and by chance prospect bought it.
  • At this stage prospects don’t really care about your service or product because it’s instantly replaceable. Prospect could have picked any other toothpaste available in that mart.
  • Being in this stage is something like holding a lottery ticket and expecting to win. As you have absolutely no control over the outcome.
  • Any success you get at this stage is just dumb luck.
  • To be honest, it’s not a good place to be.
  1. Decent Enough:

  • Everybody thinks that their product or service is really great. However, the harsh reality is most of the products/services in the market are JUST average.
  • Most products in the market look like clones of each other. It’s difficult to differentiate and find the best amongst them.
  • So, winning business at this level also accounts to sheer luck or low cost or adamant persuasion.
  • Has it ever happened to you that your clients battle to get last minute discounts from you just before signing the contract? Being in this stage sucks. This happens when clients are not able to differentiate you from your competitor and trying their negotiation skills to save money.
  • For example, if a company is looking for a freelance content writer. And there are tons of them available online with more or less same ratings or reviews and per article rate of ~$100. It’s again based on luck who gets chosen.
  1. Differentiator:

  • At this stage you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors not just with empty words but by providing real value.
  • If your clients understand that you are providing personalized and valuable service to your clients which is difficult to get else where they would not even mind paying extra to you versus your competitors.
  • In fact, at this stage you will be in a position to choose your clients. Whether you want to work with clients who appreciate the value you provide and ditch the ones who just want to get things done at a cheaper price.
  • For example: There are tons of shops to buy clothes from. However, at your boutique if you provide custom-made beautifully designed apparels for your clients. And your clients feel great to wear those apparels and receive tons of compliments. With your clothes they looked absolutely gorgeous and completely different in a gathering. They no-doubt would mind paying a premium price to you in fact would come back to you again to get more clothes made from you.
  1. Reliable:

  • At this stage the success of your client’s business relies on the success of your business.
  • You got to tie their wins with your wins.
  • You got to provide valuable insights relevant to the industry to your client.
  • It’s vital that you help your client solve their business issues.
  • For example: You provide a service like HubSpot. You help your clients manage their business intelligence data about your clients’ email exchanges, proposals, projects, pricing, timing etc. Valuable insights from this data further helps your client to improve their business. Your client relies on you in a way for their business. You client won’t leave you until they get frustrated with your service or it fails for some other reason because there is a lot of data that you carry about them which is really difficult to transfer to any other such software. You better keep your clients happy :).
  1. Indispensable:

  • At this stage you client do not want to leave you because their success is built on top of your success.
  • At this stage your clients want you to be their legitimate partners for a very long time.
  • This is the stage where you help your client’s business to have a consistent revenue growth by helping them in multiple aspects of their business. For example: Either by fixing their broken sales process or by coaching their sales team to perform better or by helping them improve the efficiency of their logistics or helping them with the right strategy to market. Essentially you work hand in hand to grow your client’s business and make it reach just another level.

This value ladder holds true not just for a product, a service, a company but an individual too. So, as an individual if you possess common skills, you are easily replaceable. However, if you possess a very rare skill or talent, you would always be in demand. The company you are working with would consider you as an asset. Other companies would have an eye on an opportunity to poach you. Thus, always look for ways to climb up the value ladder. 

#FoodForThought: At which level does your business stand now? Are you instantly replaceable or indispensable? 

If you are not sure at which level does your business belong, we will be happy to help.

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You might also like to read “How you can focus on buyer to improve your sales”.

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How “Job To Be Done” theory helped McDonald’s?

By using JTBD – “Job To be done” theory McDonald’s increased its milk shakes sales by 7 times. Want to know How?

Sometime back McDonald’s decided to innovate and improve their milkshake market. So they called a set of people to try their milkshakes. Based on the feedback received from them McDonald’s worked on different attributes of the milk shake like sweetness, thickness, temperature etc. And brought this new version of milkshakes to the market but the new milkshake did not bring the desired results in its sales.

So, McDonald’s approached a Harvard Professor, Sir Clay Christensen. Professor Clay is well known for his JTBD (Job To Be Done) theory. As per the JTBD theory we hire a product to get a specific job done. For example : Let’s say the job that I am trying to get done is to clean my teeth. I would hire a toothpaste and a toothbrush to get that job done.

Based on the JTBD theory Clay’s team decided to find out what is the job that buyers are trying to get done by hiring the milkshake. In order, to do so one member from clay’s team sat in a McDonald’s outlet for 18 hours and took careful notes about the people who were buying milkshakes. He noted what clothes they were wearing, what time were they buying milkshakes, were they coming alone to the cafe or somebody’s accompanying them, were they buying anything along with the milkshake, so on and so forth.

Based on the notes here is what they concluded. Most of people buying milkshakes were the single males, who were buying milkshakes in morning before 8:30 am, they are not sitting in the cafe to sip their milkshakes, most of them did not buy anything along with the milkshake.

So, the next morning, Clay’s team spotted single males coming out of McDonald’s carrying their milkshakes and talked to them. And here is what they found. these males had a long commute to work. Milkshake kept them occupied throughout the drive as it takes almost 23 minutes to finish the super thick and cold milkshake. And now Clay’s team knew the job that milkshake was doing for its buyers.

Clay’s team also asked these buyers if they tried something else in place of milkshake. The answer was Yes. Somebody had tried a banana but banana finished too quickly, somebody had tried bagel and cream cheese but it was too messy to handle while driving the car, somebody had tried snicker bars, even donuts but these sugary treats made them feel guilty. Besides, these were failing at one more job the milkshake did. Milkshake saved them from the 10:00 am hunger attack which kept them continuing their work without having to go out to eat something.

Based on these outcomes McDonald’s brought changes in it sales and marketing strategies for milkshakes. It did not market milkshake anymore based on its attributes. It made sure that people who wanted to just buy milk shake and drive through didn’t have to wait in long queues.

All these efforts brought a phenomenal seven times increase in milkshake sales for McDonals’s.

Isn’t this amazing?

There was one more finding in this study. There was a another smaller set of people who bought milkshakes in the evenings. It was “Parents” who bought milkshakes for their kids. However, milkshake failed their because of it’s thickness attribute. Parents didn’t want to wait forever for kids to finish the milk shake after a long day at work. Hence, one more important point to note here is “One Size Does NOT Fit ALL”.

P.S. I heard this story of milkshakes while taking a sales certification on HubSpot. I loved the story and felt that it must be shared. If you want to gain valuable insights in sales and marketing: Explore!

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Proven strategy to increase sales!

The more you understand your buyer and his buying process the better sales you will make. Does this make sense to you?

Let’s dig deeper:


If you are selling a whitening toothpaste; who is your buyer 1) A person with the sensitive gums or 2) A person with yellowish teeth?

Type 2 person right?

Now, Do you understand how can you reach Type 2 person or how can Type 2 person find your whitening tooth paste?

If you do and your tooth paste does a great job on what it claims; Nobody can stop you from making glamorous sales.

You definitely want to increase your sales, Don’t you?

Before you set out to improve your sales; It’s important to chalk out your buyer and his buying process.

This buying process is referred as Buyer’s Journey.

Here is a sample of buyer’s journey for a Child Care Center (CCC).

Following are the 7 stages of a buyer’s journey for CCC:

  1. Peeping into buyer’s mind.
  2. Buyer looks for a CCC.
  3. Buyer reaches CCC’s Website.
  4. Buyer calls CCC to take an appointment.
  5. Buyer visits the CCC.
  6. Buyer decides to enrol in CCC.
  7. Buyer’s Child’s onboarding at CCC and further care.

Here is a magnified view for each stage.

1. Peeping into buyer’s mind.

2. Buyer looks for a CCC.

3. Buyer reaches CCC’s Website.

4. Buyer calls CCC to take an appointment.

5. Buyer visits the CCC.

6. Buyer decides to enrol in CCC.

7. Buyer’s Child’s onboarding at CCC and further care.      

Do you run a Child Care Center? If yes, feel free to amend this buyer’s journey from your perspective over here.

Or If you run any other business and need assistance to create a buyer’s journey for you. Do let us know.

If you found this article insightful, Do check out this article to gain more insights on sales.

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