Buyer’s Journey | How to get more customers?

Met with an entrepreneur (Let’s call him Ryan, don’t want to reveal his real identity) today over zoom and discussed his current business challenges. His foremost business challenge is to get more customers. Feeling super happy that we (me and my colleague: Nitesh) could provide him some valuable inputs to solve his current problems. And here we are to share it all with you.

What does Ryan do?

Ryan has 16+ years of industry experience in medical communication domain. In these 16 years he has served a few multi-national companies at highly prestigious positions. It was 8 months back that he decided to venture into medical communications domain as an entrepreneur.  In these 8 months he managed to get good business because of his caliber and strong network. But now different business challenges have started popping up.

Keep reading to know more about his challenges and our suggestions to solve them.

How we got into a call?

Ryan read one of our articles on “How to hire a sales rep in 2020?” and here is how he responded to us.

Ryan: Nice post. Is this done with HubSpot? You have to teach me how you did it with  your website.

Aditi: Sure Ryan. My colleague Nitesh integrated HubSpot for our website and we will be more than happy to help. However, before we do that, we would like to know what exactly is the problem you are facing?

Ryan: Great Aditi, I would like to know how it can help to drive traffic to our website and if it can help me get more customers. we can do a zoom call if you want to share your screen.

Aditi: Cool! To be honest, HubSpot won’t help you generate leads. HubSpot is a tool which can help you streamline the data about your clients, projects, deals, sales etc. This streamlined information can be leveraged to increase the revenue growth for the company. As for lead generation, let’s discuss over zoom. I shall share the zoom link soon.

#FoodForThought: What can a post do for you?  Our post served the purpose of writing it. We write articles to provide value to our prospects. And gradually to convey them that we have the potential to solve their business challenges. Ryan read one of our articles we distributed over Linkedin.

Prep-work before the call:

 We studied his website and the kind of work he does.

#FoodForThought: What’s the purpose of a website? The purpose of website is to make the visitor believe that the company behind the website can help him solve his problems. So, it’s important to share the wisdom and expertise in various ways on the website.  

Here is the list of a few must things which website had and did not have.

Sample of workNo
Names of ClientsYes
Testimonials from clientsNo
Philosophy of their workNo
Contact DetailsYes
A way to capture visitor’s email addressNo

Besides getting all of these ticked to a “Yes”, it’s really important to map it all with buyer’s journey. And to articulately present your approach to work. Otherwise the magic won’t happen.

Also, we understood that Ryan’s company creates marketing and branding materials to be used in medical communications domain. For marketing and branding companies work portfolio is a MUST to be showcased. As your WORK speaks more than your WORDS.

What we discovered in our discussion with Ryan and our suggestions?

 Discovery 1:  Ryan’s website is a one pager website created using GoDaddy.

#FoodForThought: Websites built using WordPress rank better in Google. To use WordPress, is a piece of cake even for non-tech founders. There are tons of free themes available to give a great structure and impressive look to your website. Adding content like different landing pages, blog posts, videos, podcasts etc. is super easy with WordPress.

Our Suggestion: We suggested Ryan that he should build his website using WordPress and we shared this link with him to get him started. Along with the link we assured to help him with any problems he might face with HubSpot.

We also suggested him to take inspiration from this super impressive website which also deals in Branding and Marketing but are not restricted to a single domain.

The Website is Zero.

What we love about Zero is how beautifully they have showcased their work. Besides showing their work they have also shared their approach and psychology behind their work. Their articulation is beyond impressive and super creative.

Discovery 2: Ryan needed help in bringing more visitors to his website and thus more customers.

#FoodForThought: Essentially Ryan wants to know “How to be found” when his probable clients search google for the kind of services he provides. And how can these visitors be converted into customers.

Our Suggestion:  We quickly made the following flow to give him a broad idea on how can he bring more visitors to convert them into customers.

We explained to Ryan the two important things:

  1. What can he do to be found on Google.
  2. What he should do after being found.

People who might need to avail his services are in medical domain. Being from the same industry Ryan knows what these people are generally interested in reading. He can start providing valuable industry insights in medical domain in engaging way. Ryan also knows the pain-points of these people. He can creatively start showing how his service offerings can solve those pain-points.

Once the website gets pretty rich in content. Gradually, it will get ranked by Google and start appearing in top results. However, this is a work of patience but definitely worth it.

#AQuickTip: While working on ranking Semrush and Google Analytics shall be of great help.

Discovery 3: Ryan is under the impression that HubSpot can help him get more customers.

#FoodForThought: It’s a myth that just integrating your website with HubSpot can help you get more customers. HubSpot is just a tool, which if used efficiently can definitely help you improve your sales. How can you accomplish that is a vast topic in itself. You shall soon find it on our website.

Our Suggestion: We explained to Ryan by giving him a quick virtual tour of HubSpot and top 5 things he can accomplish with HubSpot. HubSpot becomes really powerful when it has tons of data about 100s or more of your clients and a decently big sales team.

  1. Clients’ contact and communication details (You can see a complete exchange of mails between your client and the sales representative. Or You can even pull out a list of clients with whom you have not touched base in a long time).
  2. Automation for marketing like newsletters or follow up emails.
  3. Tracking of your deals as in which stage the deal is in presentation, proposal, closed, invoice raised, or payment received etc.
  4. Track sales activities of various sales representatives from cold emails and calling to deal closure calls.
  5. Assigning tasks to various members within the company so that you do not miss out on following up with a potential customer.

What we did  next?

We sent a follow up email to Ryan summarising all the important points of discussion along with links to some helpful articles.

We thought just like Ryan, there could be more entrepreneurs facing the same problem. So in order to help them we created this post. It gives us immense happiness to help entrepreneurs solve their business problems. If you think some entrepreneur in your network might find this useful, please do share the link to this article with him/her.

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