I am contagious, not a disease but a cure, any guesses?

I am contagious, not a disease but a cure, any guesses?

Well tried with the guesses. In case you didn’t figure it out, I am Meme. Now that you know me, re-read the headline. It will make much more sense now. If it doesn’t, don’t worry. I have explained the heading for you in the article. 


Why should you bother to know about me? You should invest some time to know about me because I am a part of everyday conversations. If you know how to use my power, you would definitely be touching heights in your personal & professional life. 

Before I talk a bit more about me, let me thank you for making me a part of your life. You are the one who gave me recognition more than I expected. 

What makes me Contagious?

You see me. Once you “get me,” you feel intelligent, funny, and feel good about yourself in general. Sometimes I make you feel happy, nostalgic and leave you in shock. You tend to share it with someone. If that person “gets me,” you both are in the same state of mind & emotion. This makes me highly contagious. 

But why am I claiming myself a cure?

Well, I am there when you are bored & checking your smartphones, I am there when you need to impress your friend, I am there when you need an office presentation to look less boring, and I am also there when you need to market your business. My ability to express your thoughts and feelings in a fun and relatable way made me a part of your life. 

Today I have a specific auto in your digital environment. The way I communicate attitudes, feelings, and situations make every individual & brand want a piece of my pie.

Did you ever wonder, when I was born, how did I grow this fast, affecting your lives, and became a talk of the town obviously for all the good reasons? 

Who am I exactly & when was I born?

In simple words, I am an image, video, or a piece of text, which is humorous, and it is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations depending on mood & situation. However, you must be having a good idea about me, a basic introduction for beginners or people who might be feeling left out #FOMO.

Richard Dawkins coined it in 1976. He coined that virality didn’t just apply to infectious diseases but also to social relationships. He defined me as any shareable cultural reminder that spreads through a culture like a wildfire.

Me & Marketers: Friendship 101

An overwhelming fact that millennials are spending over 200 minutes online every day. I am so bountiful that there’s a high chance millennials and Gen Zers are laughing at and sharing me while online. This gives my recent best buddy marketers & brands plenty of opportunities to engage with their audience.

But not everyone is making the best use of my powers. Most of the marketers & brands often have low engagement. Honestly, nobody wants to see branded content on their feed. People want to skip over-commercialized content and get to their normal scrolling. Folks, Gen Z, is very ad-averse. They have a special power to smell promotion from a mile away, and they aren’t having any of it.

If you do it correctly, I can be very successful. I work well if I am designed specifically for social platforms and provide value through entertainment. Could you not make me overly promotional? Just ensure I make people laugh with a small reference to your brand.

If you see a 500 long word blog and a funny meme about Burger King which appeals to your taste and humor, which one would you share within your circle? You will choose me because I am entertaining. You are not alone. A lot of people do that way only.

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Rules to using memes for marketing

How can you make your own version of my personality? Although I will be flattered if you get creative without any boundaries. Still, keep these simple rules in mind. 

Be a native

The problem is not you are trying to be cool; it’s just that you are trying hard to be cool. The audience picks it immediately, and that will hurt your brand. Make sure the lingo is on point and native. 

Be relatable

Can this be the most obvious thing that I am saying? Easier said than done, I know. You can not please everyone. You are not a waiter but a creator ( what a cool thing that I just said :p). Don’t be generic. Know your favorite audience in mind and cater to their humor bone. It’s okay only if a portion of the population gets your meme. They are the ones whom you should flatter more.

Watch your timing

Nothing is permanent, so the trends. Don’t pick an old version of me and use it for your brand. That will look bogus. IF you are using an existing meme, double-check it’s still trendy. If you are creating your own version, check the cultural climate. You can not bring my other version when my new version is already trending. Have some decency towards me, please. I don’t want to when someone calls me boring & out of context.

Before I say Bye…

Thanks for your time reading all the here and there of my life. Now I don’t want you to think I like college kids or bored office workers more. I can be an integral part of daily lives and conversations. Marketers can find me a cost-effective solution for their marketing strategy as long as they keep those rules in mind. Use me to reach your audience’s hearts and minds, increase brand reach, and keep the happiness index always high. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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