The A B C of How to Write Good Marketing Emails


“If social media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original 1 to 1 channel.”

Erik Harbison

Up for a coffee 😉 ?


Marketing Emails – A Use Case

John downloaded the IP analytics report from MyCompany’s website two days ago. Kelly, one of the managers at MyCompany, is reaching out to John to understand his goals and discuss how MyCompany can help John.

How to Write Good Marketing Emails example
  • Target Persona 

The most important thing in marketing emails is identifying the target audience for the product, tool or service. Focus on a single audience, as it helps to emphasise the benefits of the product, which the recipient wants. The target persona in this email, John, is involved in the R&D and/or development of automotive products.

  • Pain Point

Identify the pain points of your target audience and provide ways to alleviate them with the help of your product. It results in increased desire for the offer. The pain point in the above email is that John is having trouble with the research and analysis of his company’s IP or ideas. Kelly has mentioned how MyCompany’s services and products can help and benefit John and his company keeping in mind his needs.

  • Ask – CTA – Call-To-Action

The goal should not be to just reach your recipients inbox; it should be to increase click-through rates, engage with the recipient, creating more conversions. Kelly is asking John for his time to get on a call to discuss his requirement in depth and provide a more personalised solution. This is an example of a good email which focuses on the customer, has a personal approach, provides the benefits of the products and services and includes a direct CTA leading to further customer engagement.

The following tips will come in handy while drafting marketing emails:

  1. Write an intriguing email subject line to increase open rate
  2. The less personal, the less interesting
  3. Make the body of your email strong, clear and simple
  4. Use intrigue or a promise to attract interest
  5. Present the benefits clearly, with sub-heads
  6. Use high-energy copy to create a buzz
  7. Include a very straightforward Call to Action (CTA)
Grammarly Email Marketing Key Takeaways

 #1.  Write An Intriguing Email Subject Line

David Ogilvy rightly said “On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”. This proposition holds true even in the modern times of marketing emails.

The subject lines of the marketing emails is the first thing that the recipient looks at. Think of the subject line as the trailer of a movie, it has to tell the audience what to expect. It needs to pique interest and enough curiosity so that the reader instinctively wants to open the email. It needs to set the context for the product, tool or service and the benefits that the reader can get by using it. The subject line needs to show that the product will be helpful for the target audience. It will make them take action and read your emails.

No: This tool helps you to find out if your idea or invention is new.

Yes: Are you worried that your idea or invention is not new? 


#2.  The Less Personal, The Less Interesting

Jake Sorofman rightly said “When you start with what’s at stake for the buyer, you earn the right to their attention”.

Keep the focus on the email subscribers, not the brand. Write in second person. Use more actionable words and keep the tone conversational. Think about how you want the recipient to feel and think when looking your marketing emails.

No: This invention disclosure form will make it easier to capture ideas.

Yes: Doesn’t it drive you crazy when your organisation is not able to capture ideas due to long and complex invention disclosure forms? Well, you don’t have to put up with this anymore …


#3.  Make The Body of Your Email Strong, Clear and Simple

The writers and content creators tend to write using fancy vocabulary with a mind-set to impress the reader. However, it is not always helpful as the reader wants to read an easy to digest email or marketing ad. If the words are so heavy that the reader is not able to comprehend the message in the first instance, you will probably lose the interest of the reader midway.

Use short, punchy sentences. It helps to filter out the jargon and keeps the marketing email simple, making it easier for the recipient to understand. Don’t go overboard with the vocabulary. Great copy in content marketing is about putting the point across as succinctly as possible.

No: Do you ever get the feeling that you are paying too much for your website upkeep and maintenance?

Yes: Looking for savings?


#4.  Use Intrigue Or A Promise To Attract Interest

Using words that raise the interest of the recipient and promises to deliver what the recipient might be looking for helps in more conversions. To make reading the marketing email a great experience, the choice of words is crucial. Appeal to the emotions of the reader to arouse their curiosity. 

No: Reduce the time for conducting the search to find out if your idea is novel.

Yes: Discover the secret of quick prior art search.


#5.  Present The Benefits Clearly, With Sub-Heads

Enabling the Information Age through Network Computing – Oracle, in this tagline, opens with the benefit of network computing, which is to enable the information age and makes a strong impact.

Talk about the benefits and not just the features of the product in your email message. Features are the characteristics of the products or services that provide certain benefits. Whereas benefits are the results which the recipient will receive due to the features of the product or service when they use it. By presenting the benefit of your product in a clear and concise manner, you’ll make it much more appealing to your audience and ultimately drive more conversions.

No: This tool is easy to use for your idea management process.

Yes: Gain a competitive advantage by easily capturing productive ideas using this idea management tool.


#6.  Use High-Energy Copy To Create A Buzz

Use strong verbs in active voice. Passive voice is boring and adverbs add to the monotony. Avoid generic marketing terms. Sometimes instilling the fear of missing out (FOMO) in your recipient helps the energy flow and results in conversion. Give the recipient a reason to respond now, not later. Consider using strong sales-offer messages.

No: Is your website optimised for high sales? Grab the free conversion toolbox and start succeeding.

Yes: Before you leave – don’t miss out on the free website conversion toolbox!


#7.  Include A Very Straightforward Call To Action (CTA)

The CTA is the point where your recipient will decide if he/she wants to engage with your brand. It is the most essential piece of email marketing. Focus on the key action you want the recipient to take. Don’t include multiple CTAs. Keep it simple and easy to identify. Always write a CTA that makes taking the action you’re requesting seem effortless.

No: So why don’t you find out more?

Yes: Simply click here now so you don’t miss out.

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Wrapping Up

Statista says, in 2019, the number of global e-mail users amounted to 3.9 billion and is set to grow to 4.48 billion users in 2024. Email marketing campaigns remain one of the most effective marketing tools with an average Return on Investment (ROI) of 42:1, according to Litmus.

A great marketing email is short and crisp but at the same time relays the message in an impactful manner. Focus on a single audience and set one clear conversion goal for your campaign before you start writing and sending emails. Lay out the benefits of the product or tool clearly and make the message powerful. Simplicity is the key. Once you are able to catch your reader’s attention, it’ll help in more conversions. Lastly, as Matt Byrd said ‘Use low commitment CTAs. Emails are invites, landing pages are parties’.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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