Content Promotion and Distribution | Get 80% Results from 20% Effort

The best ways for content promotion and distribution are not the best anymore.

During an internal meeting with my colleagues, we so happened to discuss different content promotion and distribution strategies – search engine optimisation, guest posting, and more.

I offered the opinion that search engines require you to use the right set of keywords while preparing content. My colleague, however, disagreed and proved how.

He said the wiser way to go about SEO is to niche down. How? Your business needs to target long-tail keywords instead of broad ones with higher buying intent. For instance:

Instead of trying to rank for “content marketing agency”, try to rank for:

  • “B2B SaaS content marketing agency for fintech”,
  • “B2B SaaS content marketing agency for legaltech”, and
  • “content marketing agency for a non-profit initiative”

This way, you stand to reach your potential customers much faster.

Your target audience will reach out to you (read: Inbound) rather than chasing them.

Intuitive, isn’t it?

In this article, we share how we bring leads to our clients using effective ways to promote and distribute content.

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Content Promotion and Distribution | 5 Actionable Ways

#1 – Niched-down SEO (20% Effort 80% Results)

#2 – Guest Posts  (80% Effort 20% Results)

#3 – Paid Promotion and Distribution (80% Effort 20% Results)

#4 – Personal Branding (80% Effort 20% Results)

#5 – Email Marketing (80% Effort 20% Results)

#1 – Niched-down SEO

Typically, businesses that are new to the game try to rank for difficult keywords such as “time management app” or “content marketing agency”. The inherent problem with this approach is that you’re competing with industry giants who’ve created giant content marketing machines over 10-15 years to rank higher on search engines.

But you need not despair! Another approach that can land your business on the coveted first page of search engines is to target long-tail keywords with high buying intent. If that sounds like jargon, let me share in simple words with an example.

Consider this example for our client, IP Toolworks. After using keyword analysis tools like Semrush, team Concurate found that IP Attorneys, the target audience for the client, were searching queries around “office action responses” that have worked with particular patent examiners.

In our work with IP Toolworks, team Concurate used long-tail keywords instead of broad ones with higher buying intent and published multiple content pieces around “office action responses [examiner name]”. This approach helped our client gain clear visibility at the top of Google search results and also brought qualified leads.

A carefully executed content marketing strategy can provide 80% of the results for 20% of the efforts.

#2 – Guest Posts

There are not many better ways to draw in your target audience than by establishing a presence on platforms where they typically spend time to find the latest happenings in your industry.

Concurate has followed this approach for its clients across the LegalTech SaaS space.

Triangle IP

TriangleIP’s TIP ToolTM is an intuitive drag-and-drop tool to help you capture enterprise-wide innovation & manage your patent lifecycle.

Concurate has assisted its client and founder of Triangle IP, Thomas Franklin, publish guest posts on platforms like The Future Shapers. Why does it work?

The Future Shapers is a global network of thought-leaders, innovation practitioners, business leaders, academics, and speakers who have come together to create innovative futures. This platform is an exact match for our client to reach its intended audience.

IP Toolworks

IP Toolworks has developed software that enables effective searches of past communications with the patent office. This creation stemmed from the founder’s discovery of consistent difficulty in transmitting knowledge to new attorneys, a situation he believed reflected more significant inefficiencies in the system.

Concurate has assisted its client and co-founder of IP Toolworks, Yvonne Morris, publish guest posts on platforms like IPWatchdog. So why does this platform suit their business? is the leading Intellectual Property Law Journal on the internet, providing an excellent fit for our client to be visible in front of its target audience.


ScanWriter is a data entry automation and visualisation tool to assist financial fraud investigations by Personable Inc. It’s a homegrown software trusted by many district attorneys, forensic accountants, and fraud investigators working in the public sector across the USA. 

Concurate has assisted its client and founder of Personable Inc., Benjamin Chou, publish guest posts on renowned publications, such as The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), which is the world’s largest anti-fraud organisation. So establishing a presence on this platform is a real coup for ScanWriter.

The opportunity to publish guest posts on such highly authoritative and relevant publications has helped our clients gain highly qualified leads for their businesses.

#3 – Paid Promotion and Distribution

Although this approach can be a viable strategy for your SaaS business, the caveat is that paid promotion and distribution can boost your website traffic in short-term traffic, but it’s a costly affair. 

In our experience, LinkedIn works quite well with paid advertisements. We helped our client, Triangle IP, get leads through LinkedIn by offering a valuable template for their target audience.

#4 – Personal Branding

Another way to build a robust content marketing and distribution strategy is to spread your business’s word far and wide from your, the founder, and senior leadership’s personal social media handles.

As founders and members of the leadership team, your investment in personal branding can reap excellent results. You can leverage platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to weave in the content you need to distribute. The idea is to post regularly, especially internal chatter from your business. At Concurate, we call everyday stories #internalchatter. These stories can stem from several angles:

  • Our approach to content creation,
  • Our attitude towards different events that life/work throws at us,
  • Proofs of working with incredible clients,
  • Blessings of an influential mentor,
  • Our attitude toward hiring people who can challenge our work, and
  • A reason to hire us

An excellent example to learn from is the SaaS business, Gong. Gong’s leaders regularly share their expertise on LinkedIn and continue building their respective communities. On a related note, if you’d like to learn more about the LinkedIn strategies of 5 successful B2B brands at a granular level, check out this article.

#5 – Email Marketing

Distributing your content using your email list is one of the best ways to supercharge your content promotion and distribution strategy. The best part is that you own the list and not a 3rd party platform. Additionally, you can share your thought processes and promote services to a willing audience.

We speak from experience that email marketing does indeed spring up some pretty pleasant surprises! 

Content Promotion and Distribution Strategies Comparison

Paid Promotion and DistributionLOWHIGHMEDIUMLOW

Parting Thoughts

If you’re searching for a content marketing agency for your SaaS business that says, “This is how you’ll grow if you hire us,” then look no further!

Concurate is a content marketing agency that brings business, not just website traffic. We curate the best content as per your company’s requirements and philosophy because we believe in the power of meaningful information.

Let’s amplify your content’s distribution and take your blog to the next level. Let’s connect over a short call if you’re ready to outsmart your competition. Block our calendar today! We’d be happy to help you develop a content promotion and distribution strategy for your business.

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