ChatGPT vs ChatGPT Plus – Side-by-Side Comparison from the Lens of SaaS Marketer

With the announcement of ChatGPT Plus, we are all asking: Is it worth it?

For a $20 monthly subscription fee, what more can ChatGPT Plus bring to the table that its freemium version can’t?

This article aims to enable SaaS founders and marketing teams to determine whether a subscription to ChatGPT Plus is worth the investment for enhancing SaaS marketing strategies.

I provide an in-depth, side-by-side comparison of ChatGPT v. ChatGPT Plus, focusing on SaaS marketers’ unique needs and challenges.

Side-by-Side Comparison: ChatGPT v. ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus is an ungraded package to ChatGPT that offers the following additional features:

  • Faster response times
  • Priority access to new features and improvements
  • General access to ChatGPT, even during peak times

ChatGPT Plus gives faster, more straightforward and nuanced responses, enabling you to get less generic outputs in less time. Check out this speed test to see a demonstration between both versions.

Subscribers enjoy access to new feature updates like plugins. Currently, the subscription includes access to 125 plugins.

The freemium ChatGPT can deny access during peak periods (when user traffic is highest), which can be a nightmare for SaaS marketers working with deadlines. As a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you can use the tool at all times, regardless of user traffic.

With ChatGPT’s training data only up until September 2021, freemium users frequently face the challenge of working with outdated information. ChatGPT Plus’s browsing tool is a solution to overcome such a challenge.

GPT-4’s browsing tool, which is in its beta stage when writing this post, is another interesting extra. This feature lets you browse the internet with Bing for real-time information, making fact-checking easier.

ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus offer access to the default version model 3.5. Plus gives access to the GPT-4 version, which is multimodal, which means it can take images as inputs. However, ChatGPT Plus does not currently support image uploading. The key comparison can be between version 3.5 and version 4.

According to OpenAI, GPT-3.5 is the fastest model and is excellent for most everyday tasks like responding to emails and making to-do lists. GPT-4 is the most capable model, great for tasks that require creativity and advanced reasoning. Examples of such tasks include summarizing SaaS marketing reports and language translation, which is crucial if you’re trying to expand your market to another region.

GPT-4 currently has a cap of 25 messages every 3 hours. The limit helps to increase adoption by giving all ChatGPT Plus users a chance to use the model. You can switch to the default 3.5 model to continue your work when you exceed this limit. Here’s an example of the usage cap prompt:

Unique Use Cases for SaaS Marketers

To better understand the ChatGPT v. ChatGPT Plus for SaaS marketing campaigns, I started with a keyword research prompt for this article.

Sample Prompt for SaaS Keyword Research 

For an article titled “ChatGPT v. ChatGPT Plus – Side-by-Side Comparison from the Lens of SaaS Marketer” what are the 5 best keywords I should target?

The target reader is either a founder of a SaaS company or belongs to the marketing team of the SaaS company. The reader is curious whether taking a ChatGPT Plus subscription is worth it. Do you understand?

ChatGPT Output for SaaS Keyword Research 

ChatGPT Plus Output for SaaS Keyword Research 

In this use case, ChatGPT highlights the relevance of its keyword recommendations, adding a generic line that targeting such keywords can attract my target audience’s attention. ChatGPT Plus provides on why to use these keywords by stating the main areas of focus:

  • The comparison between the two versions of the AI
  • The specific focus on ChatGPT Plus and its potential value
  • How AI tools like ChatGPT can be in the SaaS industry for content generation

It also states the importance of ensuring your keywords provide genuine value and using them naturally. For these use cases, I used the default GPT-3.5 model for the freemium plan and GPT-4 model for ChatGPT Plus’s outputs.

SaaS Blog Content Generation 

ChatGPT can help you to write blog posts, including captivating top-of-the-funnel content. With the AI tool, you can scale your content generation and human-edit it to cover areas like fact-checking and brand voice to improve quality.

Sample Prompt for SaaS Blog Content Generation 

Write a 500-word blog post about the benefits of using Empuls for small businesses. The target audience is businesses that want to improve employee communication and engagement for better retention. Use natural-sounding language and a conversational tone.

ChatGPT Output Snippet for SaaS Blog Content Generation 

ChatGPT Plus Output Snippet for SaaS Blog Content Generation 

ChatGPT provides a more generic and less attractive introduction. While it highlights Empuls’s benefits, this version doesn’t fully understand the target audience. ChatGPT Plus flows better towards sounding natural, with a more conversational tool. Plus’s output also communicates Emplus’s features better with user benefits.

What if you need relevant statistics to add credibility, authority and valuable insights to your SaaS blog content?

You can use GPT-4’s browsing feature to search the internet for the latest statistics. For example:

Sample Prompt for Statistics Relevant to SaaS Blog Content 

Please provide 2022 statistics relevant to employee engagement.

ChatGPT Output for Statistics Relevant to SaaS Blog Content 

Typically, all the statistics GPT-4 provides are cited to one website where it got the information. The beta browsing tool can’t cite statistics from several sources yet.

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Social Media Content Creation for SaaS Products/Services

With ChatGPT’s natural language generation capabilities, you can generate posts that captivate your audience on social media. An outstanding example of this use case is repurposing your blog content for LinkedIn and Twitter posts.

Sample Prompt for Social Media SaaS Content Creation 

Generate a LinkedIn post for appNeura that promotes our new synthetic monitoring feature. Our target audience includes IT managers, system administrators, developers, and decision-makers in medium to large enterprises, particularly those overseeing web application performance across multiple locations.

  • Use LinkedIn best practices to ensure the content matches the platform
  • Use a professional technical tone and voice
  • Keep the copy within 100 words
  • Include a CTA

ChatGPT Output Snippet for Social Media SaaS Content Creation 

ChatGPT Plus Output Snippet for Social Media SaaS Content Creation 

ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus provide well-crafted outputs with engaging introductions, clear messages, and direct CTAs. The primary differences lie in the level of detail and conciseness.

While ChatGPT’s output provides more detailed information about the synthetic monitoring feature, it exceeds the 100-limit word count. The post could benefit a technically-savvy audience such as IT managers and developers, but it can also be more concise.

ChatGPT Plus’s output is more straightforward and to the point, which can be more appealing for busy professionals who prefer brevity. Both outputs have their merits, depending on your target audience’s preferences. Testing them to see which gets more engagement can help you align the tone and voice for better results.

SaaS Customer Support/Experience Chatbot

You can use ChatGPT as an effective tool for handling customer inquiries about your SaaS products. The AI tool enables you to provide rapid, accurate, and personalized customer service, dramatically improving the customer experience. By automating responses to common questions, you can save time and scale customer support while maintaining high-quality engagement.

Sample Prompt for SaaS Customer Support/Experience Responses 

Provide responses for common customer inquiries about our SaaS product.

ChatGPT Output Snippet for SaaS Customer Support/Experience Responses 

ChatGPT Plus Output Snippet for SaaS Customer Support/Experience Responses 

ChatGPT’s output, in Q&A style, delivers a wide-ranging explanation of ScanWriter, addressing key features and considerations. This style is ideal for a FAQ section, providing detailed information in a structured format for easy access by potential customers.

ChatGPT Plus, conversely, adopts a conversational style, emphasizing user interactions and potential troubleshooting. Its engaging tone makes it more suitable for direct customer interactions such as emails or chat support. Both approaches are helpful and you can choose them based on the specific needs of your SaaS marketing strategy.

SaaS Email Marketing Campaigns

Integrating ChatGPT into your strategy allows you to create personalized, engaging content and maximize your SaaS email marketing ROI. With email content that sustains your audience’s attention, you can resonate with them deeper to drive customer engagement and foster long-term relationships, leading to improved brand loyalty.

Sample Prompt for SaaS Follow-up Email 

Write a personalized, engaging follow-up email to a user who has not used Triangle IP in over a month. Keep the word count within 150 words and add a CTA.

ChatGPT Output for SaaS Follow-up Email 

ChatGPT Plus Output for SaaS Follow-up Email 

In this use case, the ChatGPT output is personalized, clearly highlighting new features, and ends with a strong CTA to log back in. However, it’s a bit long and lacks a direct support channel for the user to reach out to.

The ChatGPT Plus output is more concise and direct, outlining specific new features and providing a clear method for support contact. Yet, it might feel less warm and lacks a direct CTA to encourage re-engagement.

Both versions have strengths and areas of improvement: the first is more detailed and warm, while the second is concise and action-oriented. The choice between them depends on your audience’s preferences and needs.

SaaS Landing Page Optimization

ChatGPT can generate and optimize multiple versions of your SaaS landing page copy, effectively test various calls-to-action, and personalize content, driving customer engagement and boosting sales. You can improve conversion rates by tweaking and experimenting with outputs to match your audience’s preferences better.

Sample Prompt for SaaS Landing Page Optimization 

Draft 3 different landing page copies for appNeura

  • Use persuasive and compelling language
  • Use clear and concise language to convey the value proposition
  • Use different calls-to-action and personalize the copy to increase conversions

ChatGPT Output Snippet for SaaS Landing Page Optimization 

ChatGPT Plus Output Snippet for SaaS Landing Page Optimization 

While both outputs talk about the benefits of using appNeura, ChatGPT Plus does this more explicitly by linking features to benefits and outcomes more frequently. Plus also uses a more user-centric, personalized language, which could help visitors feel more connected to your SaaS product.

ChatGPT’s output does not have extra elements like subheadings, giving ChatGPT Plus a slight edge in engagement and persuasion. Depending on your target audience’s preferences and the overall marketing strategy, whichever output can work for you.

Advanced Creativity

Beyond generating generic content, you can use ChatGPT to spark creativity or inspiration for ad copy. From reinventing traditional marketing methodologies to developing a unique brand narrative, you can construct creative copy that aligns with your audience.

Sample Prompt for SaaS Brand Slogan

Generate 3 catchy slogans for Empuls employee management tool.

  • The target audience would be HR professionals, team leaders, and managers looking to improve employee engagement
  • Use a slogan that inspires trust

ChatGPT Output for SaaS Brand Slogan 

ChatGPT Plus Output for SaaS Brand Slogan 

All the slogans effectively communicate Empuls as a tool to boost employee engagement and productivity. ChatGPT Plus outputs give a more call-to-action vibe, but it would be best to test the slogans with your audience to see which resonates best.

Closing Verdict: Is ChatGPT Plus Worth the Investment?

The crucial distinctions between ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus hinge on these factors:

  • Enhanced capacity
  • Customization
  • Priority access

ChatGPT Plus subscribers enjoy higher word limits, faster response times, and specialized fine-tuning capabilities, enabling you to improve your SaaS marketing strategy by creating engaging, personalized content at scale.

When deciding whether to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, consider your content production needs and usage frequency. The subscription is more valuable if you need consistent, high-volume content production or plan to use the AI tool frequently.

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