20 SaaS Products that are Replacing Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets to Benefit their Target Audience

Microsoft Excel’s flexibility and low barrier to entry make it a helpful, versatile solution in various contexts across industries.

However, when the user’s company expands, it becomes increasingly challenging to manage multiple tasks using spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets. The reason is that while Microsoft Excel can cater to a particular use case, different software can offer potentially improved productivity. 

Astute entrepreneurs can spot a need in the market and work to resolve those pain points.

We hold our highest regard for entrepreneurs who find innovative solutions to improve tools touching people’s lives on a massive scale.

With that said, we’d like to spotlight 20 entrepreneurs and business leaders at the helm of running intuitive and user-friendly SaaS applications replacing Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets.

Our Favourite 20 SaaS Products Replacing Microsoft Excel

Here is our shortlist of the 20 SaaS products that are replacing spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets:

#1 – Triangle IP

#2 – Asana

#3 – ProHance

#4 – Zluri

#5 – Document360

#6 – TranZact

#7 – AuditFlo

#8 – Freshsales

#9 – Mews

#10 – Logibricks

#11 – Asset Infinity

#12 – Centage

#13 – Sigma Computing

#14 –  FranchiseSoft

#15 – ScanWriter

#16 – AccountsIQ

#17 – Sprinto

#18 – Monday.com

#19 – Onthego.AI

#20 – UpKeep

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Triangle IP

Product Description

Triangle IP’s TIP ToolTM is a patent management tool for individual inventors, patent practitioners, and portfolio managers of small to medium enterprises. Triangle IP helps its target audience streamline its innovation management process.

Microsoft Excel Vs. Triangle IP

Using Microsoft Excel for IP management requires a lot of manual work. Therefore, it increases the risk of inadvertent human errors. Businesses also face a higher probability of handling obsolete data.

Additionally, it also limits collaboration withholding the team’s creativity and potential. While spreadsheet programs like Google Spreadsheets can help resolve this aspect, they are unlikely to make for a perfect substitute.

On the other hand, Triangle IP enables teams to facilitate effective collaboration to refine potentially patentable ideas. It also maintains the confidentiality of sensitive IP-related information.


Triangle IP offers three pricing plans. Apart from their free tier, you can avail of other premium plans ranging from 50 USD per month or 495 USD annually. Triangle IP also offers a custom tier. You can learn more by visiting Triangle IP’s pricing page.


Product Description

Asana is a task management software with various features like projects, workspaces, tasks, and subtasks. Asana also offers dedicated sections for project managers to manage the tasks of their clients and teams.

Microsoft Excel Vs. Asana 

Managing project tasks and schedules in Microsoft Excel is a cumbersome process. Project managers must use complicated calculations, colour code, and lock cells.

Moreover, spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets are unable to offer users the ability to configure their network sharing.

Alternatively, Asana helps project managers to keep their projects organised, visualise progress, and hit project deadlines on time. They can also track individual tasks and integrate them with other tools with Asana.

Asana makes it all possible due to features like dynamic dashboards, boards, and calendar views.


Asana has three pricing tiers. Besides their free tier, they offer premium and business plans ranging from 11 to 25 USD per month with multiple features and software integrations. You can learn more about these by viewing their pricing plans.


Product Description

ProHance is an operations management platform that enables firms to optimise staff productivity with deep insights into individual employee and team performance.

Microsoft Excel Vs. ProHance

Microsoft Excel provides partial visibility into an organisation’s operational processes. However, it also has drawbacks regarding efficient employee monitoring, as it is prone to human manipulation.

Furthermore, spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets can be tedious and time-consuming. In addition, they require manual input of attendance and updates on progress on deliverables.

As an alternative, ProHance enables businesses to monitor progress on different tasks and projects in real-time. ProHance also empowers firms to develop custom rules and workflows to streamline job routing, task prioritisation, and monitor progress, all through a unified portal.


You can contact ProHance’s sales team to get a quote on their customised pricing plans for your company’s needs.


Product Description

Zluri is a Gartner-recognized enterprise SaaS management platform for SaaS business founders, CXOs, and teams. Zluri enables SaaS organisations to buy, discover, manage, and automate their SaaS from a single dashboard.

Microsoft Excel Vs. Zluri

Spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets are potentially more time-consuming, prone to errors, and difficult to manage, especially for SaaS subscription management.

One of the reasons for this is that SaaS applications are continually in and out of organisations, with frequent updates. Using Microsoft Excel increases the risk of your data being obsolete in such a scenario. 

Zluri offers a bird’s eye view of the entire SaaS ecosystem. In addition, it provides real-time reporting features through a centralised dashboard.

Moreover, Zluri integrates with Google Workspace, Zoom, Zoho, and more than 500+ applications.


You can reach out to the team at Zluri to get a quote on their pricing plans customised to your organisational requirements.


Product Description

Document360 assists teams in collaborating, creating, and publishing a self-service knowledge base. Their ideal customers include founders, CXOs, team managers, and associates of different verticals across various industries.

Microsoft Excel Vs. Document360

There is no doubt that spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets are helpful with data collection and documentation.

However, users encounter limitations regarding real-time collaboration, categorising multiple documents, and exporting them into different file formats. Moreover, integrating additional software is also limited to Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets – a handy feature to manage a knowledge base.

Document360 has various features, like a knowledge base portal that helps in category management, accessing analytics, and more. Additionally, users can seamlessly add Document360’s knowledge base assistant to any SaaS product or website to provide on-demand assistance to their customers.


Document360 offers four pricing plans. Apart from their free tier, you can avail of other premium plans ranging from 99 USD to 499 USD. You can visit the link for more information on Document360’s pricing plans.


Product Description

TranZact is an easy-to-use ERP software for inventory managers, manufacturers, and D2C SMEs that helps with inventory management.

Microsoft Excel Vs. TranZact

Spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets, at their best, provide a restricted view into the movement of inventory. Moreover, they require manual input of data to track activity.

TranZact, on the other hand, provides a holistic view of the inventory and facilitates multichannel coordination. Such features tangibly increase a business’s cost-effectiveness. 

Inventory managers can easily track the movements of goods between warehouses and sales channels. These real-time data points provide unparalleled visibility into a company’s operations.


TranZact offers four pricing plans. Apart from their free plan, you can avail of other premium plans starting from 25 USD. Visit the link for more information on TranZact’s pricing plans.


Product Description

AuditFlo is a mobile-first digital checklist application designed to conduct audits to increase a company’s safety, quality, operation, and compliance standards. The target customers of AuditFlo include safety managers, quality managers, and operation managers of enterprises.

Microsoft Excel Vs. AuditFlo

Using spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets for audits tend to have many loopholes. As a result, businesses become prone to human negligence and data manipulation.

On the contrary, AuditFlo helps organisations quickly resolve issues and offers real-time reporting through instant notifications. AuditFlo also offers features like custom digital checklists and dynamic dashboards.

Using AuditFlo also ensures increased accountability thanks to features like timestamps and digital signatures.


AuditFlo offers a free tier. In addition, you can avail of their premium features through plans based on your company’s safety and quality requirements. Learn more about their pricing plans by accessing the link.


Product Description

Freshsales is a cloud-based sales and customer relationship management tool that assists organisations of all sizes manage relationships with their clientele.

Their ideal customers include founders, CXOs, SDRs, and business development managers. They offer features like click-to-phone, sales lead monitoring, event tracking, and more.

Microsoft Excel Vs. Freshsales

While spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets may store a large amount of data, they lack to provide a comprehensive view. Entering detailed notes in small cells can be a frustrating experience. Businesses also run the risk of managing data integrity and security.

On the flip side, Freshsales fosters seamless collaboration while automating mundane tasks. Freshsales enables easy event tracking and access to real-time reporting.

Such benefits are possible because of features like customisable fields, modules, workflows, and advanced integrations with different software. 


Freshsales offers three pricing plans. Apart from their free plan, you can avail of other premium plans starting from 12.8 USD. Visit the link for more information on Freshsales’s pricing plans.


Product Description

Mews is a property management system for hospitality business owners and hotel managers. Mews simplifies and automates business operations for modern hoteliers to serve their guests.

Microsoft Excel Vs. Mews

Using spreadsheet programs for hospitality management may work at the cost of unnecessary manual efforts. Moreover, hospitality management requires effective filtering and reporting of data, at which such software tends to perform weakly.

Mews helps hotels govern their business operations, such as managing reservations and accessing various views using a centralised, real-time interface.


Mews has eight pricing plans based on rooms and beds. You can visit the Mews pricing page to learn more.


Product Description

Logibricks is a SaaS company that caters to manufacturing and retail/e-commerce businesses. Logibricks provides customers with ERP, order management systems, and payment reconciliation tools.

Their target audience includes D2C business owners, e-commerce sellers, and inventory managers.

Microsoft Excel Vs. Logibricks

A prominent drawback of spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets for order management is their susceptibility to human error. As a result, businesses can face problems like faulty inventory counts and delayed updates across sales channels.

With Logibricks, companies can organise, review, and authorise orders through a centralised control centre. In addition, features like the centralised dashboard and vendor management platform offer visibility over sales orders acquired across all B2B sales channels.


You can contact the Logibricks team from the link to acquire a quote on their pricing plans tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Asset Infinity

Product Description

Asset Infinity is an asset management software that helps asset managers and manufacturers track the maintenance of every asset, equipment, and tool centrally in real time.

Microsoft Excel Vs. Asset Infinity

Managing assets requires multiple entries due to round-the-clock updates. For example, businesses must manually include crucial maintenance due dates with Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets. Additionally, spreadsheet software is also handicapped to address support tickets.

On the other hand, Asset Infinity tracks and monitors the performance of all critical assets.

It aids asset tracking using QR codes, barcodes, and RFID tags. It also offers centralised visibility, seamless communication, and real-time reporting with the option to auto-generate reports.


Asset Infinity offers a standard plan to accommodate up to 500 assets and items for 130 USD. You can also avail of the enterprise plan customised to your company’s requirements. For more information, access their pricing page.


Product Description

Centage is a planning, budgeting, and forecasting platform to empower finance leaders to make better financial decisions.

Microsoft Excel Vs. Centage

Companies of practically any size rely on many employees to prepare budgets and forecasts. However, spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets do not allow real-time collaboration. They also necessitate using complex formulas, which increases the chance of errors.

On the other hand, Centage has rich features like performance dashboards and management reporting, among many others.

As a result, Centage offers the complete visibility and control needed to lead an organisation to growth and sustainable profitability. Centage also enables faster budgeting, reporting and forecasting while ensuring accuracy and compliance with standards.


Centage offers standard, professional, and enterprise plans. In addition, you can request a quote based on your requirements from their sales team.

Sigma Computing 

Product Description

Sigma Computing is a cloud-based business intelligence platform primarily used for data exploration and visualisation.

Their target customers are decision-makers from finance, education, media, and real estate, to name a few industries.

Microsoft Excel Vs. Sigma Computing

Using spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets can take time to manage unstructured and semistructured data. Users cannot also design interactive dashboards.

Sigma Computing users can visualise, analyse, and collaborate seamlessly. In addition, the software streamlines data integration to enhance overall decision-making.

This is possible thanks to features that allow you to connect to any data warehouse, share data for analysis, create scenarios, and perform “what if” analyses.


You can contact the Sigma Computing team using the link to request a quote on their pricing tailored to your organisation’s needs.


Product Description

FranchiseSoft is a franchise management software to help franchisors increase sales, reach prospects, and achieve franchisee satisfaction levels, with access to transparent reporting tools.

Microsoft Excel Vs. FranchiseSoft

Using spreadsheet programs for franchise management can hinder overall visibility and reporting. As a result, businesses can lose accountability on crucial aspects like a store’s opening, closing, and timely maintenance time.

On the other hand, using FranchiseSoft enables real-time reporting, fosters smooth collaboration, and increases overall productivity and accountability. As a result, businesses can focus on improving customer satisfaction and reducing churn.


FranchiseSoft customises its pricing plans based on franchise requirements. You can request more information using the link.


Product Description

ScanWriter allows federal agencies and fraud investigators to automate administrative tasks, focus on investigative efforts, and reveal the complex structures of criminal organisations. For example, ScanWriter enables fraud investigators to automate the laborious and time-consuming tasks of converting credit card statements (and other data) into spreadsheets and rich visual analytics.

Microsoft Excel Vs. ScanWriter

Spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet increase the risk of human error and loss of productivity in conducting fraud investigations since users need to use multiple programs to manage the entire workflow.

On the other hand, ScanWriter ensures efficiency and accuracy by swiftly processing years’ worth of financial transactions. In addition, its in-built Power BI visualisation models help to trace the movement of assets and view the “flow of funds.”


ScanWriter charges 5495 USD for a standard license. For more information, check out their pricing plans.


Product Description

AccountsIQ cloud accounting software simplifies capturing, processing, and reporting financial data across multiple locations. AccountsIQ transforms finance functions by enabling CFOs, finance directors and controllers to streamline their work.

Microsoft Excel Vs. AccountsIQ

Using spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets for financial accounting requires unnecessary use of repeated manual efforts and complex formulas to perform calculations.

On the contrary, AccountsIQ helps access a holistic view of an organisation’s finances in real-time using dashboards. Users can create compelling reports and integrate software to save time and money.


AccountsIQ offers its users three pricing options starting from 200 USD. Check out their pricing plans in detail using the link.


Product Description

Sprinto is a simple and powerful software to put security compliance programs on autopilot. It seamlessly integrates with cloud setups to map entity-level controls and run fully-automated checks.

Microsoft Excel Vs. Sprinto

Using spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets for compliance management is tricky. This is because spreadsheet programs lack automation to manage multiple compliance processes, including complying with government norms, safety guidelines, and vendor contracts.

Users also need help assigning tasks and accessing timely reports. Unfortunately, these drawbacks also mean missing crucial audit trails.

However, Sprinto packs critical features. For example, integrated audit success portal, role-based user access, and incident management help boost accountability, accuracy, and efficiency. As a result, businesses can increasingly manage more significant risks and avoid penalties for non-compliance.


Sprinto offers an annual license. The costs are dynamic and depend upon the organisation’s size, geographic dispersion, and infrastructure complexity. Check out the link for more information on their pricing plans.


Product Description

Monday.com is a customisable web and mobile work management platform designed to help teams and organisations gain operational efficiency. Monday.com helps in collaborating and tracking projects, workflows, and visualising data.

Microsoft Excel Vs. Monday.com

Streamlining workflows using spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets can be challenging. These programs miss collaboration features such as tracking conversations, easy file sharing and managing task lists.

Monday.com enables the entire team to collaborate on a project by accessing the software to share updates and view real-time progress. Features like dashboards, Kanban setups, and Gantt charts increase productivity.


Monday.com offers five pricing plans. Apart from their free plan, you can avail of other premium plans starting from just 8 USD. You can visit the link for more information on Monday.com’s pricing plans.


Product Description

OnthegO.ai is a field service management platform to empower service teams to plan, prioritise, assign, execute and track all service activity.

Microsoft Excel Vs. OnthegO.ai

Field management requires a lot of planning, task delegation, and managing field regulation. Using spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets for field management translates to sacrificing near-perfect data accuracy, timely collaboration, and tracking and reporting progress while maintaining visibility.

OnthegO.ai can help optimise service operations, lower costs and improve productivity. Features like a customer portal, quick notifications, and smart assignments streamline management and assist organisations in leading their workforce effectively.


OnthegO.ai offers three pricing plans. You can subscribe to their premium plans starting from just 4.99 USD. For more information, you can visit their pricing page.


Product Description

UpKeep is a maintenance management software to streamline work orders, facility and asset management.

Microsoft Excel Vs. UpKeep

The capacity to act quickly is critical to the success of a maintenance program. High-performing maintenance teams often cite it as their crucial differentiator.

However, when maintenance teams use spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets to monitor asset health, schedule work orders, and review maintenance procedures, they generally work with obsolete data. As a result, accuracy, accountability, and compliance take the back seat.

UpKeep gives every maintenance and reliability team the tools and information they need to run operations effectively. Features like workflow automation, maintenance checklists, and automated reports help streamline processes, improve team communication, reduce equipment downtime, and enhance overall productivity.


UpKeep offers three pricing plans. In addition, you can avail of their premium plans starting from 45 USD. For more information, you can visit their pricing page.

Parting Thoughts

So here is our list of 20 SaaS products replacing spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets.

While spreadsheet programs are versatile, organisations prefer to use solutions tailored to their business needs.

It was a pleasure spotlighting these entrepreneurs and their innovative SaaS products that are helping businesses achieve their use cases using real-time collaboration, integration with software, and automating pertinent business processes. These are some features companies sorely miss while solely working with spreadsheet programs.

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