Voice & Vision Q/A – Craft Your Content

Yesterday I came across a writing course by “Craft Your Content“.

Their tagline is “Helping You Make Your Own Words Even Better”.

As a copywriter, I would definitely love to make my own words even better.

So I jumped in!

As a first step in the course, I have been asked to fill a questionnaire.

So here are my answers to the questionnaire.

Voice & Vision Questionnaire

1. The brand/name of my team is:

I am part of Team Concurate.

2. The tagline of my team is:

People Pay Us to Stop Their Revenue Leaks.

3. The web address is:


4. How long have you been doing this?

I joined the team on 3rd February 2020.

5. How did you get into this?

I am an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer by qualification.

I was the Editor of my College Magazine.

I am a mom of two 9 years old boy and 2 years old girl.

In the past, I have worked with TechMahindra, Infosys, Enbake full time.

I took a career break to embark on the beautiful journey of motherhood.

In last ten years, I have done lot of social media on personal level.

Youtube Channel. Facebook Blog. Parenting blog.

Because of the knack of writing I got an opportunity to join Concurate.

Currently, I am a copywriter at concurate. 

6. Why did you get into this?

It’s an opportunity for me to help people through my writing.

7. What skills do you bring to your business/brand table that lead to success?

Copywriting. Empathy. Understanding of User Experience and ability to enhance it.

8. In two or three speedy sentences, tell us about your business/brand:

Our company helps businesses bring systems in their companies, as that’s the only way to take the next big leap.

We help businesses create their buyer personas and buyer’s journey to identify the revenue leaks.

Once we know the leaks we help them work towards various aspects like:

a) Sales and Marketing Alignment.

b) Sales Playbook Creation.

c) Bringing the internal chatter out to create cult following.

9. What about your business/brand makes you hit the snooze button and hide your head?

Hmm. I can’t think of anything at the moment.

10.  What about your business/brand gets you out of bed in the morning?

When I see that people are reading what I write. Thanks to Google Analytics.

Seeing such a low bounce rate is a treat 🙂 

I hope, the readers are benefitted from what I write.

Thanks a lot everyone for reading :)!

11. What are the biggest stumbling blocks you are experiencing with your business/brand currently?

Visibility to the target audience.

12. What are some other businesses or brands in your space that you look to either as 1) a mortal enemy and/or 2) someone simply doing something well?

Can’t think of any.

13. If you could pick your ideal reader/customer off the street, who would it be?

14.  Why does this ideal reader/customer choose to work with you?

To overcome his challenges.

15.  Why should they care?

If they don’t want to burn their fingers. We have burnt ours and we are here to save theirs.

16. How does your business/brand change or improve the world for your ideal customer?

Our ideal customer will be able to stop revenue leaks and grab more business opportunities once we help him bring systems in his business.

17.  How will your ideal customer feel after they have purchased from or worked with you?

Let me tell you upfront that what we do is grunt work. It takes time to show the results.

18. What do you really sell to your customers, other than a product or deliverable?

We sell them better version of their own business.

19. What type of customer do you NOT like working with? What is it about them that is not a good fit for your business/brand?

We like to work with people who like boutique experience and not the ones who don’t care about our approach to work.

20.  In an ideal world, how will content affect your business/brand?

Content is a medium to reach our target buyers.

Content is a way to bring our internal chatter out.

Content is a way to showcase our approach to work.

21. How often are you creating content?


22. Why is now the time for you to improve and focus on quality compelling content?

It’s always on our mind to write better to bring more value to our readers.

I support my content with examples so that it’s easy to understand. Also, the suggestions in my content are actionable.

However, I am yet to discover the recipe to go viral 🙂

23. What would you rather no one mention about your current content?

Could not understand this question 🙁

24. What keeps you talking about your content for hours?

All of our content is aimed to benefit the readers.

Most of the content is learning-based; comes straight by interviewing successful entrepreneurs.

Or based on training received from experts.

Or my own first-hand experiences with different businesses and products.

25.  How often do you write?

Everyday. If I am not researching.

26.  What do you not-love-so-much about your writing?

I wish that it was more compelling.

27.  What do you not-love-so-much about other writing in your industry? Are there particular topics, phrases, or ideas that make you want to throw up in your mouth a little bit?


28.  If someone reads a piece of your content, what do you hope they will take away?

An actionable step to improve their business.

29. What are your Top 3 Priorities (high-level) for your business/brand right now?

1. Creating Value for our Readers.

2. Thought Leadership & Community Building.

3. Creating automation tools for sales and marketing.

30. What is your end game? How do you see the brand of your team succeeding?

Helping businesses grow their revenue 2x or more.

Pro tip: If you need 30 standout SaaS growth hacks to attain double the growth for your SaaS business, fill out the form below!

31.  If your team brand were your best friend, what five (5) words would you use to describe it?






Why should you care about this questionnaire?

Honestly, it depends on how the course unfolds in next 10 days.

Stay tuned with me to know more about it!

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