Top 15 sales tips for the year 2022

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Sales Tip #1:

Sales tips number 1 : Sell what buyer wants to buy

Time is the witness how insurance ads have banked upon human emotions of fear, worry, love for family, sense of responsibility etc. It’s the breadwinner’s worry that who will take care of his family when he will not be around or something unfortunate happens to him. Life insurance takes away this worry by giving him the perfect policy.

Buyers are more interested in solutions you offer to their problems than in you or your company. The earlier you understand and start selling what the buyers want the more money you make.

Thanks to hardcore closer for this tip.

Sales Tip #2:

sales tips number 2: Law of Reciprocity in sales

Let’s try to recollect the times when you didn’t mind giving away your email address to a website. Probably When:

  1. The site offered a discount coupon.
  2. It offered a free E-Book with a solution to one of your problems.
  3. You genuinely loved the content the site offered and you wanted to keep it coming.

Thanks to salesforce for this tip.

Sales Tip #3:

sales tips number 3: We tend to remember stories more than lectures.

Has it ever happened to you that while reading story or watching a movie you start imagining yourself as a part of it.

Or let me put it this way…..

Do you find it easier to tell what happened in the movie versus explaining what was taught in your last training?

Expressing what happened in the movie is easier because our brain responds better to the stories. Stories can help engage a prospect’s attention and build an emotional connection that makes it easier to reply. So sell them stories – and witness how the transfer of emotions can be the most valuable element in the sales process.

Thanks to Yesaware for this tip.

Sales Tip #4:

sales tips number 4 : Everybody wants to be heard and respected

One of the greatest pleasures we find is in when people take our advice and act upon it. We feel respected and heard. Amazing feeling, Isn’t it?

Well, just like everyone else on this planet, your prospects also want to be respected and heard. When your prospects  feel that their words and opinions are being regarded and hold significant value, they automatically become more interested in talking to you.

So by asking your prospect for help, you’re in a way fulfilling their desire to be heard and respected –  that would later help you in closing the sale.

Thanks to HubSpot for this tip.

Sales Tip #5:

Sales tips number 5: Roll with punches. Be Honest. Answer Confidently.

If a product malfunctions during a demo don’t try to cover it. Rather address it confidently and tell the listener something like, “ Oh! so when something like this happens, you can always connect to our 24×7 customer support, let me show you how.”

Thanks to Close for this tip.

Sales Tip #6:

Sales Tips Number 6: Listen More. Ask More. Respond as needed.

Never interrupt your prospect while he is talking. Start talking only after 3 seconds of listening to him. Why should you do this?

Because if you interrupt prospect’s thoughts will get disturbed and you might miss out on important point he was about to share. Besides, attentive listening to him shall help you gain better understanding of his problems. The better you understand his problem, the better you will be able to provide a solution.

Sales Tip #7:

Sales Tips Number 7: The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek.

Simon Sinek says most of the companies in the world know what they are selling and how they are selling but only the great companies know WHY they are selling. The answer to “WHY” is their secret to success. Consider the following two sample pitches by a website that sells handicrafts from across the country (Talking about India here):

Pitch 1: Our Store brings some of the most acclaimed Indian design, art & crafts brands online for the first time ever. Welcome to the Party!

(Look at this revised pitch with “WHY” do they run a handicrafts store online)

Pitch 2: India has an extremely rich cultural heritage. Be it hand woven fabrics coloured using natural dyes. Be it hand crafted jewellery. Be it hand embroidered clothes.  But this heritage is slowly vanishing with the reducing number of artisans. But why is their number reducing? Because they are not able to reach the right customers. They are not empowered to sell globally. They are not able to make enough money. We are on a mission to preserve this heritage by supporting the artisans and their families. But we cannot do it without your support!

In Pitch 2 they are sharing their “WHY” and the people who believe in this vision are far more likely to buy from them.

Sales Tip #8:

Sales Tips Number 8: Empathy is an attribute of Great Salesman.

An empathetic salesman would not just blindly follow the sales conversation track. In fact, he would be sensitive to real interaction happening between him and the client. He would make creative modifications in his pitch based on how the client is feeling.

Sales Tip #9:

Sales Tips Number 9: Learn to say NO!

When your solution is not right for a prospect, TELL THEM.

Thanks to Close for this tip.

Sales Tip #10:

Don’t pretend to be a Know-it-all. Your prospects realize it earlier than you do when you’re just making things up. As a matter of fact, by asking questions you  empower the prospect to give you the information. You need to close them.

Thanks to Close for this tip.

Sales Tip #11:

An honest salesman would always be regarded more than a salesman who’s always right.

Thanks to Close for this tip.

Sales Tip #12:

Imagine this scenario. A lady visits a restaurant on her birthday with her husband. When the restaurant guys got to know that it’s her birthday, they surprised her with a tiny heart shaped muffin, beautifully presented in a plate. And all the restaurant staff sang birthday song for her. This little surprise delighted her. Now look at the networking effect of this little gesture. She shared her lovely experience with her friends. The chances are high that some of her friends would like to visit that restaurant on their birthdays as well. Every customer who felt delighted would share their experience in their network. Thus increasing the chances of more people visiting that restaurant.

Hence, Little Surprises can really go a long way.

Sales Tip #13:

Most salespeople think that if they can impress a prospect in 1 hour, they can win their account. So they start feeding them with the plethora of knowledge they’re carrying. The prospect never converts.

When you give too much information, it becomes difficult for anybody to process it.  You can never solve a problem in just one hour. So instead of showing off your capabilities, try establishing expectations.

Discuss the pain points of a prospect and talk about how you’ll be doing business with them.

Sales Tip #14:

When a prospect within an organisation tells you that they’re not interested in your services, it might just mean that ONLY  that particular individual feels that way. It might be best to reach out to a few more people within that organisation before you give up.

Sales Tip #15:

Prospecting is important, but building relationships with existing clients can be far more valuable. If we manage to keep clients on a longer life cycle, it most certainly builds a stronger revenue foundation than single-deal customers.

Just doing a good job on a project shouldn’t be the end goal. Client satisfaction means nothing if  6 months down the line they forget that you did such a fine job. This is why it is important to stay connected with the existing client – not to sell them anything, but validating them of their value and importance.

If you connect properly, they’ll stay. And they will buy, again.

Hope you enjoyed reading these sales tips! Do you have any sales tips to share with us? We would be happy to hear.

Happy Selling!

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