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More Business From Existing Clients

Let’s Learn From Amazon

This morning I received the groceries ordered on Amazon Prime Now.

I have always been a big fan of their packaging and they amazed me yet again.

This time the package had some black diamonds and rectangles printed on it, I got curious…..

What could it be?

And then I read what was written above and below it.

Turns out, the printed shapes can be cut and made into a bow tie for your pet.

The note on the package requested customers to share a picture of their pet in the bow-tie with #AmazonPetsSG.

Motivation: Your “Fur-Kid” might get featured on 

(Check the usage of the word “fur-kid” instead of a pet, as pet owners consider pets as a family)

So, I went to Instagram and checked for #AmazonPetsSG.

And found really cute pictures of pets with #AmazonPetsSG.

(Although, most of them are not wearing that DIY bow-tie but carried #AmazonPetsSG)

Here are a few for your reference!

Amazon Pet With Bow

Cute, Ain’t She?


This one is another super cute picture from Instagram with #AmazonPetsSG.

(Don’t miss the paw prints on the package)

Here is the full picture of the amazon prime now package btw:

Amazon Prime Now Package

Not just this, the package shared a discount coupon code to enjoy $10 off on pet supplies.

Sales Bytes | $10 Off

How Amazon Is Getting More Business From Existing Clients? | Cross-Sell

Needless to say, Amazon has complete e-commerce infrastructure sorted out from every possible angle.

Customers love Amazon! ( I am a big fan 🙂 )

Adding more items to be sold on their portal makes complete sense if there is a demand for those items.

Now let’s take a look at how wonderfully is Amazon managing to get more business from existing clients by adding more items.

Looking at the package I guessed that probably Amazon has ventured into pet supplies.

To understand this marketing campaign I began to look for a press release by Amazon Singapore for pet supplies.

Bingo, found one by media outreach published on September 3rd, 2020.

Amazon SG Press Release Pet Supplies 2020

As clear from the press release, that the campaign is to give a boost to the sales of pet supplies.

Also, the $10 off coupon code is a due-diligence to the existing clients.

Why Pet Supplies? | Cross-Sell

Looking at the growing pet population in Singapore, it’s in fact a great business move to get into pet supplies. Amazon Rocks!!

Pet Population Singapore

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Let’s Sum It Up

Always remember there are opportunities to get more business from the existing clients.

You just need to figure out how.

We just shared an amazing way to do so!

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