Don’t lose the sale at “Hello”!

Tring Tring …… Tring Tring….

rang my phone….

I answered…

The voice on the other side said:

“Hi, I am Meena, calling from XYZ company, Our company is offering……”

Beep Beep Beep…..

I disconnected the phone.

Meena lost a sale!

On the other hand, if Meena had opened the conversation a little differently….

Something like…..

“Hi Aditi, Meena this side, we have never met before, but I’m hoping you could help me for a moment(lower voice tone).”

My response would have been….

“Tell me Meena, How can I help you?”


Meena got me talking 🙂

Such an effective opening! This opening works for three reasons:

1. First, it doesn’t trigger a sales alarm that Meena is trying to sell me something I am not interested in.

2. Acknowledging that Meena has never met me before is gracious on her part and shows respect.

3. Most people are helpful and respond positively when asked for help.

Learned this while reading the book called “Unlock the Sales Game” by @Ari Galper

Happiness for me is to share every interesting thing I learn!

So, here we go :).

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