Sales Bytes | Dodge “I’ll get back to you” situation !

How do you deal when the client simply says, “I’ll get back to you”?

This statement can mean a lot of things. For starters, it could really mean that they need time to get back to you. Next week. Next year. Never.

Or it could mean that they’re just not interested and simply want to duck out of dealing with you.

We usually reply to this by saying “Alright Mr. Jim, when is the right time to circle back with you?”, or maybe something like “I’ll send you some reading material that will set some more context to what all we can do for you”.

What might work better here is to be more upfront about the situation. Forget the selling for some time and just have an honest talk. Use something like –

“Jim, I don’t want to seem rude here, but usually when people say that, what they really mean is a no. All I want to understand is the real concern here, and maybe by the end of this conversation we’ll have a solution ready” (well not exactly that, but something on those lines)– and continue the conversation.

Maybe the guy has money problems, or needs an approval from his boss, – the point here is to try and identify the bottom-line issue, and subsequently, offer an alternative solution.

Of course, you can’t use this as a standard response to every time a prospect tells you he needs time, but it never hurts to extend the business conversation a little to eliminate the assumptions and vagueness.

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