Subject Knowledge and Sales go hand in hand

This one is a short yet powerful story with a great learning for sales reps.

#Sidebar: Every sales rep faces a situation where the client is choosing between him and someone else (from some other company).

The story is about:

“How a freelance writer bagged the article into his plate from another writer?”

Be Visible and Don't lose the opportunity

One of our clients works in a niche domain of intellectual property.

We had two articles in the pipeline to be written around patents for them.

And the two writers to choose from:

Let’s take a look at the merits and demerits of the two writers:

Writer 1: (Experienced without subject knowledge)

  1. Experienced writer.
  2. Not much domain knowledge.
  3. Great at researching.
  4. But embeds fluff to increase the length of the article.

Writer 2: (Novice with Subject knowledge)

  1. Knowledgeable in the IP domain.
  2. New to content writing.

Writer 1 has written a few articles for us in the past.

The articles needed the writer to have more subject knowledge to be more valuable.

Hence, we looked for a writer who has some subject knowledge.

Then we found writer 2.

After writer 2 wrote two articles for us, we realized that she needs more direction towards writing powerful articles that provides great value to the readers.

While we were working with writer 2, writer 1 pinged us a couple of times.

He wanted to ask if we have more articles in the pipeline that he could write.

We said, not for now.

He connected with us on Linkedin.

He started liking our posts.

When he did this.

“He became more and more visible to us.”

Now, let’s see the magic of this visibility.

Remember we told you we had two articles to be written.

While writer 2 was working on one of those, we realized she shall need more time to conduct the research.

This meant, she won’t have enough time to work on the second article to meet the dead-line.

That’s when we thought, we can give the second article to writer 1.

Regarding the fluff part, we always review and work it out.

As, we respect the time of the readers and believe in providing value.

Visibility is the Key.

Here, lies the great learning for sales guys.

By staying visible to clients you stay on top-of-their-minds.

And the moment they need a service like yours.

You shall be the first to come to their mind.

As a human, it might be difficult to remember who all do you need to touch base with or stay visible to.

HubSpot CRM tool allows you to filter the inactive contacts and be more visible to them.

Who knows, your mail reached them just when they were in need of your service.

Want to know more how we used HubSpot to close more deals?

Take a look here.

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