How to Avoid Fear of Rejection During Sales?

As salespeople, we hear a lot about fear of rejection. Most Sales Leaders believe that the main fortune is in the follow-ups. We should not stop taking follow-ups until there is either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ from a prospect/client.

But many salespeople stop following up with prospects after a certain point. Why?

They generally have a fear of rejection – that’s the main reason they stop the follow-ups after chasing the prospects to a certain point.

At that point, we should just believe that the prospect/client might be busy with other important things or perhaps he/she won’t have the need right now but will be in the future.

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One different thing that I learned is to NEVER make your prospect/client feel guilty for not replying to you.

Steli Efty in one of his videos also talks about the follow-up frequency, the different channels for follow-ups, what to do even when a prospect says ‘NO’, what are the Dos and Don’ts, how to end the follow-up with the breakup email template, etc.

Do you also suffer from fear of rejection? Don’t forget to share your learnings with us after watching this video in the comments section.

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