Our Ten Favorite SaaS Companies that are Nailing their Content Marketing

Best way to sell something: don’t sell anything; Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy.

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Now, how do you earn that awareness, respect, and trust?

Well-researched and engaging content is the key to this lock!

Hello readers!

We are big fans of content marketing. It mesmerizes us to see how great content can be transformative for businesses. Instead of you chasing customers, customers discover your product through content.

To make this happen, one requires a well-thought-out content strategy and some inspirational examples from whom to draw actionable insights. 

Therefore, today, we bring our ten favorite SaaS companies nailing their content marketing. To shortlist from a large pool of candidates, we analyzed the content marketing strategy of 50 fast-growing medium-sized US-based SaaS companies with a workforce not exceeding 500 employees.

We hope you will enjoy reading this piece!

7 Point Content Quality Analysis Framework

To examine the quality of the content, we have considered seven parameters:

#1 – Pain-Point-Driven Content 

The content that provides solutions for pressing pain-points of your target audience lays a strong foundation for content marketing. Such content makes it easy for your target audience to discover your website through Google and other search engines.

#2 – Storytelling Practices

Humans are hardwired to connect with stories, empathize with characters, and respond to narratives. Storytelling is crucial in content marketing as it makes your content more engaging and captivating.

#3 – Actionable Content

Actionable content provides solutions to readers that they can implement from the get-go.

Readers will appreciate quality, actionable content that delivers on its promises and does not leave them scrambling for additional resources.

#4 – Articulation and Steady Flow of Thoughts

Content with a broken flow of thoughts and complex sentence constructions push the readers away. Good articulation and a steady flow of thoughts keep the readers glued to your content and make them crave even more.

#5 – Conciseness

Less is more.

Content that conveys your message in the least possible words fares better. Concise content shows respect for the reader’s time.

#6 – Well-Researched Content

Does the content cite reputed reports, statistics, surveys, and interviews?

If your content cites credible research, it elevates the quality and authority of the intended message. It draws in potential customers and fosters trust among existing clients.

#7 – Consistent Brand Messaging

Do you have consistent messaging that reflects your brand?

Through consistent brand messaging, readers can easily distinguish between your content pieces and just about any other competitors. Moreover, it instills a sense of familiarity in the minds of your readers.

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Our Favorite SaaS Companies

We have shortlisted our favorite SaaS companies based on:

  • the quality of their blog content,
  • the nature and quality of their case studies,
  • whether they have published bottom-of-the-funnel content,
  • the types and quality of their lead magnets, and
  • overall content quality based on parameters which we explained in the previous section.

Here are the ten shortlisted SaaS companies that are nailing their content marketing:

#1 – Front

#2 – Verifone

#3 – Dashlane

#4 – ActivTrack

#5 – Searchspring

#6 – 15Five

#7 – Litify

#8 – Simpplr

#9 – Kinsta

#10 – Hiver



Front is a customer communication hub that surrounds every high-stakes conversation with team collaboration capabilities and contextual data to ensure responses are always fast, accurate and deeply personalized.

CEO of Front: Mathilde Collin 

Content Marketing Scorecard for Front

Content QualityFront has a well-curated blog section, but let’s take one of their blog pieces, revealing findings from the Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study:

It showcases independent research cited by a reputable and credible source, offering their target audience with an unbiased review on Front.

It includes impressive statistics and figures like “Front Customers can see 440% ROI in Year 3” among many others that are bound to grab the reader’s attention.

It enlists the benefits of using Front in a captivating yet concise manner.
Appearing on Google’s Top Results for Buying Intent KeywordsFront is a customer communication platform. Their target audience’s most appropriate buying intent keywords would be ‘customer communication plan’ and ‘customer communication.’ They have been doing an exemplary job with their SEO strategy, ranking No. 2 and No. 6 on Google USA.
Bottom of the Funnel Content Best in category content ❌
Your SaaS Vs. Any competitor ✅
Popular SaaS alternatives ❌
Lead MagnetsFront has beautifully crafted lead magnets like the Front Classroom, guides, webinars, Ebooks, research material, use cases, roadmaps, training material, and other value-based resources.
Case StudiesMakes their customer story a “hero study” – For instance, in the MongoDB Case Study, they have highlighted the pain point of email volume faced by MongoDB and how, by partnering with Front, they were able to roll out faster responses and build deeper connections with their customers.

Highlights return on investment – The case study prominently showcases how MongoDB reduced their email volume by a substantial 60% after using Front.

Easy to follow – The case study follows stylistic and formatting guidelines with simple fonts and clear headers and pointers.

Call to Action – At the end of the case study, there is a very noticeable CTA – “Contact Sales Team” accomplishing the very purpose of the case study, i.e., getting more leads.

Verifone (Previously 2Checkout) 


Verifone is a digital commerce and payments provider that helps companies sell their products and services via multiple channels, acquire customers across multiple touch points, increase customer and revenue retention, leverage smarter payment options and subscription billing models, and maximize sales conversion rates.

CEO of Verifone: Mike Pulli 

Corporate Marketing Director of Verifone: Barbara Watkins 

Content Marketing Scorecard for Verifone

Content QualityVerifone has stellar content quality as far as their blogs are concerned. Let’s consider their blog piece on How to Switch Sleeping SaaS Subscribers Back On. The content in this blog:

Addresses the pain point of sleeping subscriptions and provides readers with actionable solutions, offering immense value to their customers.

The content cites multiple statistics and figures from reputed sources. To consider one of the many, it mentions “How SaaS business will see 27.5% growth in the hyper growing market”

The content is well-articulated and concise, catching the reader’s attention till the very end of the blog piece.
Appearing on Google’s Top Results for Buying Intent KeywordsVerifone provides online payment processing services, making it evident that their potential clients would search for ‘online payment processing’ or ‘online payment processing services’ on search engines. Verifone ranks No. 12 and No. 20 for these keywords on Google USA.
Bottom of the Funnel Content Best in category content ❌
Your SaaS Vs. Any competitor ❌
Popular SaaS alternatives ❌
Lead MagnetsVerifone has a wide range of lead magnets comprising eBooks, guides, webinars, infographics, videos, a knowledge base, solution briefs, and an online calculator to attract leads.
Case StudiesPaints a clear ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture – For example, in the Kilohearts Case Study, they have clearly stated how previously using a payment-only platform consumed their client’s time, deviating their attention from the product. It shows how subscribing to 2Checkout led to a holistic purchase process benefiting the client in multiple ways.

Easy to follow – With a simple font style and clear headers and bullet points, the case study adheres to stylistic and formatting rules. It also includes relevant pictures making it visually appealing and easy to follow.

Showcases clear statistics – The case study concisely conveys the impact of using Verifone by stating facts and figures like a “5% increase in sales” and a “50% Curb in Churn Subscription”

Call to Action – At the end of the case study, there is a very prominent CTA – “Talk to Sales” that helps them acquire quality leads.



Dashlane is a web and mobile app that simplifies password management for people and businesses.

CEO of Dashlane: JD Sherman 

CMO of Dashlane: Dhiraj Kumar

Content Marketing Scorecard for Dashlane

Content QualityConsider their blog piece, titled, “You Should Get a Password Manager”:

The blog follows a beautiful storytelling approach. It is precisely written and uses simple language instead of technical terms or jargon. More than just talking about the product’s features, Dashlane sells ‘security’ instead of just a ‘password management app.’

Dashlane publishes well-researched content that  includes reports from credible sources like Princeton, Time, People Magazine, CNBC, and USA Today.

They do not beat around the bush and have concise content. What’s unique is that they also have a ‘Bottom Line’ after every content piece making it easier for the reader to navigate through the blog.
Appearing on Google’s Top Results for Buying Intent KeywordsDashlane is a password management platform. Their target audience’s most relevant keyword would be the ‘Password Manager App,’ and it ranks No. 18 on Google USA for this keyword.
Bottom of the Funnel Content Best in category content ❌
Your SaaS Vs. Any competitor ❌
Popular SaaS alternatives ❌
Lead MagnetsDashlane has a comprehensive list of lead magnets that include White Papers, guides, reports, videos, webinars, migration resources, user education resources, and admin resources to attract quality leads.
Case StudiesConveys impact in a powerful manner – For instance, in the CSG Case Study, Dashlane has broken down the benefits of using their app compellingly, articulating it in distinct pointers.

Appealing format – The case study is presented in an eye-catching blog and repurposed in a video format.

Key stakeholders feedback – It pens down the experience of their client company and portrays first-hand feedback of multiple key stakeholders. 

Call to Action – At the end, the case study includes a flashy CTA – ‘Contact With Us Directly.’



ActivTrak continuously monitors employee workflows and resource utilization for productivity and operational compliance. As a result, you get actionable insights to help improve processes, optimize technology and reduce risk.

CEO of ActivTrak: Rita Selvaggi 

CMO of ActivTrak: Shanel Vandergriff 

Content Marketing Scorecard for ActivTrak

Content QualityLet’s consider their blog piece, titled “6 Employee Burnout Causes and Cures”. 

This content piece appeals to the pain points of their client base. It explains multiple types of burnout along with their causes and actionable cures.

ActivTrack publishes well-researched content. For instance, this article cites a study and statistics from WHO making them appear more reliable to their prospects.

At the end of this blog, they have provided a free downloadable manager’s guide to help them acquire quality leads.
Appearing on Google’s Top Results for Buying Intent KeywordsCompanies looking for a Productivity Management platform are highly likely to use ‘Employee Productivity’ and ‘Productivity Measure’ or ‘Productivity Management’ as their buying intent keywords. ActivTrak ranks No. 10, No. 31, and No. 10 on Google USA for this keyword.
Bottom of the Funnel Content Best in category content ❌
Your SaaS Vs. Any competitor ❌
Popular SaaS alternatives ❌
Lead MagnetsActiveTrack provides their visitors with various appealing downloadable resources: guides, on-demand webcasts, checklists, datasheets, reports, templates, solution briefs, White Papers, and invitations for blog subscription.
Case StudiesCleverly conveys their value proposition – Let’s take the York International Case Study. Through this story, they have highlighted how ActivTrak can enhance productivity irrespective of your work mode, whether on-site, remote, or hybrid.

Appealing format –  It is a case study cum interview with York International’s CEO making it engaging and relatable.

Simple to follow – The case study is in a QandA format and has a good flow, where one answer leads to another vital question. 

Call to Action – The Case Study concludes with a catchy ‘Create a Free ActivTrak Account Today.’



SearchSpring is an enterprise-level site search and merchandising platform that helps online retailers maximize search relevancy, increase conversions and order values, automate time-intensive merchandising tasks and prioritize the highest-value sales opportunities.

CEO of SearchSpring: Peter Messana 

CMO of SearchSpring: Jason Ferrera

Content Marketing Scorecard for SearchSpring

Content QualityLet’s consider their blog piece titled, “Ecommerce Platform and Personalisation Options.” 

The blog is very well-articulated and to the point, making it easier for the reader to follow its actionable content.

SearchSpring has cited credible research. For example, “71% of customers expect personalized shopping experience” and “38% of the customers can be lost due to poor personalization.”It is an engaging read, making it highly likely that readers will stay until the end of the content piece.
Appearing on Google’s Top Results for Buying Intent KeywordsPotential SearchSpring clients are likely to use keywords like ‘ecommerce site search solutions’ and ‘ecommerce site search.’ SearchSpring ranks No. 17 and No. 34 on Google USA for these keywords.
Bottom of the Funnel Content Best in category content ❌
Your SaaS Vs. Any competitor ❌
Popular SaaS alternatives ❌
Lead MagnetsSearchSpring uses Ebooks, webinars, the SearchSpring Academy, and newsletter subscriptions as their lead magnets.
Case StudiesCreate a convincing “before and after” illustration – Consider the Monwell Case Study. It conveys how Monwell had a tough time streamlining its merchandise strategies and how collaborating with SearchSpring enabled a great approach enabling customized customer experience.

Prominently highlights the return on investment –  SearchSpring uses statistics and figures like “Revenue from searches accounted for 34% of total revenue’’ and “Searchers have a 6x greater average order value than non-searchers.”

Easy to follow – The case study employs an accessible font and uses bullet points and relevant pictures, making the case study appealing.

Call to Action – The Case Study ends with a prominent CTA – ‘Request a Demo.”



15Five is a holistic performance management company. 15Five equips HR teams with a complete, single-platform solution to improve manager effectiveness, drive high performance and engagement, and increase retention.

CEO of 15Five: David Hassell 

CMO of 15Five: Julia Stead

Content Marketing Scorecard for 15Five

Content QualityFor our analysis, let us look at their blog piece titled, “5 Reasons HR SaaS Software is Worth the Investment.”

The piece has an engaging introduction and a compelling conclusion with appealing content.

It has a good flow of thoughts and reads more like a conversation rather than just a mere information piece.

It cleverly sells the idea of implementing HR SaaS platforms by empathizing with their audience and addressing their pain points.
Appearing on Google’s Top Results for Buying Intent Keywords15Five ranks on position No. 6, No. 7, and No. 9 on Google USA for the buying intent keywords – ‘hr performance management software,’ ‘performance management software,’ ‘performance management softwares.’
Bottom of the Funnel Content Best in category content ✅
Your SaaS Vs. Any competitor ✅
Popular SaaS alternatives ❌
Lead Magnets15Five offers their visitors valuable lead magnets like eBooks, events, webinars, on-demand resources, research, guides, and communities.
Case StudiesStriking depiction of impact – For instance, the Woodard Case Study conveys how 15Five helped them streamline communication, provide crucial information to the key stakeholders, and accomplish advanced planning.

Showcases return on investment – The ROI is showcased through statistics like “71% reduction in employee churn.”

Good formatting – The case study uses readable font size and distinct pointers.



Litify is a legal operating system and case management software to help law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies run smarter.

President and COO of Litify: Ari Treuhaft 

VP, Marketing at Litify: Cassandra Vitelli

Content Marketing Scorecard for Litify

Content QualityLet us take a close look at their blog piece on “5 Trends Dominating Legal Tech in 2022.”

It speaks to their clients’ pain points, like the rise in cyber threats. It covers time consumption due to billing using multiple portals. It also offers readers actionable solutions.

The blog cites research, studies, and surveys from credible sources, increasing the reliability of its content.

The blog is concise and allows the reader to focus only on what is necessary and valuable.
Appearing on Google’s Top Results for Buying Intent KeywordsLitify is a legal management platform. It is reasonable to say that their potential clients would search for keywords like ‘legal software,’ ‘legal softwares,’ and ‘legal management software.’ They rank No. 9, No. 2, and No. 50, respectively, for these keywords on Google USA.
Bottom of the Funnel Content Best in category content ✅
Your SaaS Vs. Any competitor ❌
Popular SaaS alternatives ❌
Lead MagnetsLitify provides their target audience with value-packed resources like eBooks, presentations, videos, White Papers, event invites, webinars, and subscriptions.
Case StudiesRemarkably captures impact – For instance, the Salesforce Case Study depicted how Litify helped a massive company like Salesforce in legal matter management and offered them a holistic view.

Choice of distribution – The case study is conveyed through concise text and via an engaging video.

Reliable feedback – The case study gives a sneak peek into the first-hand experience of a critical stakeholder, i.e., SVP and COO of Legal and Corporate Affairs, Léo Murgel.



Simpplr is a modern intranet provider that makes it possible for organizations to connect, engage and align the entire workforce in a seamless manner. They get to streamline internal communication and forge connections with ease.

CEO of Simpplr: Dhiraj Sharma 

CMO of Simpplr: Paige Leidig

Content Marketing Scorecard for Simpplr

Content QualityConsider Simpplr’s blog piece titled, “The roles Internal Comms plays that you might not realize”:

It is an engaging read with the right questions, anecdotes, illustrations and references hooking the reader to until the end of the blog piece.

The piece is shaped with concise pointers making it easier for the reader to follow what it intends to convey.

It includes popular shows and personalities that are favorites, like ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Indiana Jones,’ and others, adding an excellent storytelling aspect to the article.
Appearing on Google’s Top Results for Buying Intent KeywordsSimpplr is an employee experience platform. Their target audience with a buying intent would search using keywords like ‘Employee experience intranet’ and ‘Employee experience management platform.’ Simpplr ranks No. 20 and No. 23 for these keywords on Google USA.
Bottom of the Funnel Content Best in category content ✅
Your SaaS Vs. Any competitor ❌
Popular SaaS alternatives ❌
Lead MagnetsSimpplr uses podcasts, events, webinars, research, training, and newsletter subscriptions as lead magnets.
Case StudiesClear sketch of challenges and results – In the Datto Case Study, the challenge of centralizing communication and the ideal solution of using a streamlined communication platform is well put, catching the reader’s attention.

Backed by statistics – The case study comprises concise yet powerful data like “Rapid deployment of 2000 employees in 5 months” and “34,000 content views,” among others.

Call to Action – At the very end is a notable CTA – “Request a Demo.”



Kinsta, a WordPress hosting solution, maximizes the utility of WordPress by not only powering websites but by equipping customers with features and tools they can use to manage their websites more effectively and ultimately spend less time thinking about their websites and more time focused on their business.

CEO of Kinsta: Mark Gavalda 

VP, Marketing at Kinsta: Andrea Zoellner

Content Marketing Scorecard for Kinsta

Content QualityTake into consideration Kinsta’s blog piece, titled “Top 9 Reasons To Choose Managed WordPress Hosting”:

It is a balanced piece with the right amount of statistics and figures. It also includes narratives and stories, making it engaging to read.

The content is actionable.

The content follows exceptional formatting guidelines. Moreover, it uses relevant pictures, studies, and statistics from reliable sources.
Appearing on Google’s Top Results for Buying Intent KeywordsKinsta is a WordPress Hosting Platform. Therefore, it is highly plausible that their target audience would use keywords such as ‘managed wordpress hosting’ or ‘wordpress hosting platform.’ Kinsta ranks No. 3 and No. 19 for the keywords mentioned above on Google USA.
Bottom of the Funnel Content Best in category content ✅
Your SaaS Vs. Any competitor ✅
Popular SaaS alternatives ✅
Lead MagnetsKinsta has a comprehensive catalog ranging from Ebooks, podcasts, Kinsta Academy, and Affiliate Academy to Agency Directory, glossary, newsletter subscription, guides, webinars, and free migration to gather leads.
Case StudiesThe problem, the solution, and the result – In the UNICEF Denmark Case Study, the impact of switching to Kinsta is presented concisely by stating the issue of increased hosting cost and the solution of scalable hosting, which resulted in easy migration across sites.

Return on Investment – The case study shows a remarkable 850% increase in cost savings which readers cannot ignore.

Organized format – The success story uses concise points with appealing visuals, catchy words, and easily readable font size and types.



Hiver is the world’s first customer service platform built for Google Workspace.

CEO of Hiver: Niraj Ranjan Rout 

VP, Marketing at Hiver: Mohita Nagpal

Content Marketing Scorecard for Hiver

Content QualityTake into consideration Hiver’s blog piece titled, “72% of Customers Switch Brands after a Negative Experience [Research Report]

The research cites statistics and figures from reliable sources enhancing the credibility of the piece.

It provides prospects with valuable jewels of information, educating them on the crucial Dos and Don’ts.

It employs use cases, graphs, real-life illustrations, narratives, and stories to convey vital information making it impossible for the audience to stop reading midway.
Appearing on Google’s Top Results for Buying Intent KeywordsHiver offers google workplace/gmail customer support services. Their prospects would search for the keywords ‘gmail customer service.’ Hiver ranks No. 13 position for the keywords mentioned on Google USA.
Bottom of the Funnel Content Best in category content ✅
Your SaaS Vs. Any competitor ✅
Popular SaaS alternatives ✅
Lead MagnetsEbooks, reports, guides, tools, webinars, videos, infographics, and newsletter subscriptions act as lead magnets for Hiver.
Case Studies“Hero Case Study” – For our analysis, let us consider the Get It Made Case Study. This success story shows how the previously-faced challenges of haphazard project management and sloppy workshops are no more in the picture after switching to Hiver.

Return on Investment – The case study shows a fantastic hike of 250% in the client’s efficiency after using Hiver.

Appealing format – The case study is well-structured with appropriate elements, fonts, headers, and pointers, making it an even more engaging read.

Parting Thoughts

So there you have our analysis of our favorite SaaS companies that are knocking their content marketing out of the park! It was a pleasure to dive deep and break down each pillar of their content marketing strategy.

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