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How ChatGPT can Help Manage Your Entire Sales Reachout Campaigns? (With Templates)

As a salesperson, you waste countless hours researching and crafting messages that go unnoticed. Enter

How to Transform Team Conversations into Engaging LinkedIn Posts Using Killer ChatGPT Prompts?

Imagine this scenario: You’re a team leader in a fast-paced technology startup. Your team members

ChatGPT vs ChatGPT Plus – Side-by-Side Comparison from the Lens of SaaS Marketer

With the announcement of ChatGPT Plus, we are all asking: Is it worth it? For

ChatGPT Alternatives: Our 7 Favorite Picks

Are you still using ChatGPT to write content and copy? It’s a great tool, but

Top 10 ChatGPT Plus Plugins that Every SaaS Marketer Must Know About

ChatGPT is good, but plugins make it shine like a star! They bring endless possibilities

5 Game-Changing Ways to Fuel Your SaaS Marketing with ChatGPT

Let’s talk about life as a SaaS marketer. It’s a whirlwind of blog writing, case
How Can ChatGPT Help SaaS Businesses with Account Based Marketing?

How Can ChatGPT Help SaaS Businesses with Account Based Marketing?

The most pressing challenge in any ABM (Account Based Marketing) campaign is personalizing and tailoring
How to Craft Compelling SaaS Case Studies and Testimonials using ChatGPT

How to Craft Compelling SaaS Case Studies and Testimonials using ChatGPT?

Case studies and testimonials bear significant results. There’s no better way to convince prospects than

How to Optimize SaaS Landing Page Copy for Conversions Using ChatGPT?

Want a landing page that converts like crazy? Hiring a copywriting pro can be pricey. 
How ChatGPT can Help You Maximize Your SaaS Email Marketing ROI?

How ChatGPT can Help You Maximize Your SaaS Email Marketing ROI?

Ever wished your email marketing campaigns led to more conversions for your SaaS product? Well,

How to Create Captivating Top-of-the-Funnel Content Using ChatGPT?

Do you ever wish you had a more efficient and effective way to create top-of-funnel

How to Repurpose Blogs for LinkedIn  and Twitter Posts Using ChatGPT?

Repurposing blogs, although a no-brainer, is hard! But with ChatGPT, it seems pretty doable. Ultimately,

Three Content Ideas for Forbes to Fuel Your Thought Leadership Campaign

Words of appreciation from an editor on Forbes always make our day. Here is what

How Project Management SaaS Companies Can Get More Users | Five Content Marketing Teardowns

It’s no secret that the project management SaaS sector is highly competitive. As one such

5 Reasons to Avoid Outsourcing Case Study Writing to Freelance Writers

Watch the little things; a small leak will sink a great ship. Benjamin Franklin We

Your Guide to Effectively Using Help A Reporter Out (HARO) in 2022

A platform like HARO allows sharing your expertise on a particular topic and getting rewarded

10 Impressive SaaS Businesses Providing Powerful Attendance Tracking Software

Irrespective of your organisation’s size and industry, tricky issues regularly crop up regarding employee time-tracking.

7 Excellent Tips to Write Anonymous B2B Case Studies that Convert

As a B2B marketer, do you consider writing an anonymous case study as being dealt

7 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing A B2B (SaaS) Case Study

The most common mistake anyone can commit while preparing a case study is prioritising the

Top 20 SaaS Growth Newsletters Worth Subscribing To Right Now

I often read that starting the day by reading a newsletter is a good habit

How to Promote B2B Case Studies to Reach More Prospects in Just 7 Days

We consider writing a B2B SaaS case study comparable to writing a story for a

Not Just A Contactless Menu But A Complete Marketing Machine | Slace Empowering Hans im Glück

This weekend we tried a German burger grill joint called Hans im Glück. Two of

5 Content Marketing Ideas to Get Users for SaaS Products Replacing Spreadsheets

The buyer journey is nothing more than a series of questions that must be answered.

Top 5 Case Study Writing Services Agencies for B2B SaaS

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.

20 SaaS Products that are Replacing Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets to Benefit their Target Audience

Microsoft Excel’s flexibility and low barrier to entry make it a helpful, versatile solution in

Five Ways Lagnaa Restaurant Differentiates Itself from Thousands of Other Restaurants in Singapore

Last weekend we started a new ritual in our family of four – me, my

15 B2B SaaS Video Case Study Interview Questions Before Writing Any Case Study

If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing. W.

Top 10 SaaS Companies That Have Nailed Their Social Media Marketing Strategy

The amount of luck that you have in life is how much value you create,

10 Best Case Study Video Examples You Can Copy to Build Trust for Your SaaS Business

The play button is the most compelling call-to-action on the web. Michael Litt Your SaaS

Our Ten Favorite SaaS Companies that are Nailing their Content Marketing

Best way to sell something: don’t sell anything; Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of

Powerful B2B Case Study Template Any Business Can Copy to Bring Leads

Most people keep their case studies gated, i.e., their website visitors can download them only

30 SaaS Growth Hacks to Get Phenomenal Results

How the hell did they pull this out?  By using a creative mix of marketing

8 B2B SaaS Case Study Best Practices to Get More Leads and Customers

Writing a B2B SaaS case study is like writing a story for a film. But,

Blog Content Creation Framework – Write Powerful Content

I have a confession to make. Being a tech geek and a big Apple fan,

Why We Created Concurate — The Best Boutique B2B SaaS Content Marketing Agency

Over the course of my career in digital marketing, I’ve had many opportunities to work

SaaS Content Writing that Generates Consistent Leads, Gets Signups, and Moves Your Brand – Concurate

We are a bunch of content nerds.  Do you know what breaks our little hearts? 

Free Content Brief Template for Conversion-Focused Blog Post

Is Anyone Listening? Recently we surveyed our clients to identify the gaps they observed while

Content Promotion and Distribution | Get 80% Results from 20% Effort

The best ways for content promotion and distribution are not the best anymore. During an

6 Marketing Lessons From Mark Cuban’s New Drug Company

This is a perfect example of a business being a force of good. We all

10 Ways to Build Quality Backlinks for Your Website

Getting quality backlinks is like earning recommendations from authoritative people. Recommendations from authoritative people (read

Proven Content Marketing Strategies That Work For LegalTech Companies

Are you facing a dilemma with no leads, conversions, and minimal return on investment? Look

My First 100 Days At Concurate

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only

5 Examples of Superior Approach to FinTech Content Marketing

When we say the following, “Bigger budgets mean better results,” “It’s impossible to compete on

From Almost Bankruptcy To $1.53 Billion Valuation: The Journey of Loom From A B2B Marketer’s Perspective

Recently, an article detailing how Rippling raised $250 million with Loom videos caught my attention.

20 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A SaaS Content Marketing Agency

Hiring the wrong people is the fastest way to undermine a sustainable business. Kevin J.

10 Things To Look For While Hiring a SaaS Content Marketing Agency

Getting content marketing right is crucial for growing SaaS enterprises. This study from Animalz states

16 Copywriting Tips For Persuasive Copywriting Like Apple

Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun

How To Get More Users For Your SaaS Through Affordable Content Marketing

Let’s consider a scenario where you’re a new SaaS startup in the CRM (customer relationship

26 Employee Retention Ideas for Millenials

A Simple, Actionable, Effective Guide  What makes me stick to my company – Concurate? Well

The Hyper-Growth Story of Gymshark

adulting is asking for gym socks as a gift Origins Founded in June 2012, Gymshark

How To Capture Leads On Your Website | Learn From HubSpot

An analysis of 45000+ words, five-pillar articles, two how-to resource articles, and close to 60

22 Dependable SaaS Copywriting Tips for 2022

There are many copywriting tips for SaaS businesses, but we decided on 22 as it

7 Ideas for Conducting Town Hall Meetings to Retain Talent

Company-wide town hall meetings are an opportunity to give people a reason to stay and

How To Give A Live SaaS Product Demo

It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it! Brian

How Crocs, a Footwear Brand, Made A Massive Comeback?

From a $400 Million Loss to $2.3 Billion in Profits – A Powerful Story of

Content Marketing Strategy That Works For Your Growth Stage

Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about

Want to Build Thought Leadership on Twitter? Learn From These 6 Pros

Thought leadership is the ultimate business currency. Jack Ossa The thought leadership approach is one

7 Innovative Content Marketing Ideas for SaaS Products

To become original, you have to try something new, which means accepting some measure of

Top 5 Websites You Can Use to Hire Freelance Writers

Getting Content Right Current Trends According to Content Marketing Institute (CMI), the top three organic

Analysis of the Top 100 Company Slogans

A diamond is forever. De Beers The De Beers group – the world’s leading diamond

How Triangle IP doubled the number of leads in 16 months?

50% of marketers use lead magnets to capture emails, 40% don’t use them, and about

Build Using These 9 Best Online Community Platforms

In a knowledge economy, a good business is a community with a purpose, not a

5 Movie Takeaways—Steve Jobs and Marketing

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in

5 Inspirational B2B Social Media Examples

B2B spending on social media has substantially increased in the past 12 months, and it

13 Marketing Movies Every Marketer in Your Team MUST Watch

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you

Why Wordle Went Viral to Become an Internet Sensation

“Virality isn’t luck. It’s not magic. And it’s not random. There’s a science behind why

Sa Re Ga Ma’s Carvaan: The Success Story of the Bollywood Jukebox That Sung to the Tune of $264M USD

A music box helped the company sing its way to 2000 Crores INR (264 million

[Free Templates] 10 Brand Manager Job Description

“And like most other overnight successes, it was about twenty years in the making.” –
5 B2B Brands that are Acing LinkedIn Strategy

5 Brands Acing LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies

LinkedIn isn’t the biggest social media platform out there.  Neither is it the first choice
It's time to celebrate

Yay! It’s Time to Celebrate 🙂

Yay! It’s Time to Celebrate 🙂 As they say good things must be shared, we
Ways to make content marketing work

22 Ways to Bring Business Using Content Marketing for SaaS

Even 5-6 years ago, SaaS content marketing was almost a greenfield. Only a handful of
SaaS Website Structure - How to Make Your Website Your 24x7 Star Salesperson

SaaS Website Structure – How to Make Your Website Your 24×7 Star Salesperson

Your website has the power to be your most effective 24×7 salesperson. All you need

Write a Persuasive Copy Like Apple | 5 Principles

5 CopyWriting Principles To Write a Persuasive Copy Like Apple “The art of copywriting lies
SaaS Homepage

Your Complete Guide to A Kickass SaaS Home Page

The secret to writing a kickass SAAS website homepage copy is to read what's going on in the buyer's mind. Just put yourself in the buyer's shoe and jump-in. To make it easy for you, this post has a template for you to follow.

Decoding Why the Squid Game is So Popular

Virality of Squid Game relies on many things like: 1. Timing of release 2. Relatability with financial debts and deaths all around 3. Promotion and Release strategy by Netflix 4. Existing popularity of K-dramas 5. Content and Meme marketing 6. Stories and Storytelling frameworks

5 Must-Haves to Increase Cold Email Open Rate

 96 Emails, 10 Replies, 7 Calls Landed – How did we get such incredible success

How to Write a Foreword for a Book | 5 Prompts With Examples

We help our clients publish books to establish thought leadership. As we believe, books are

5 Campaign Examples to Level Up Social Buzz

It’s challenging to gain the attention of people in today’s fast-moving world. Agree? In all

Drift Marketing Strategy | Coin a New Term

“The most underrated piece of marketing advice is that you’ve got to name something.”  –

Shopify Marketing Strategy | A Visual Tear Down

“Empowering Independent Business Owners Everywhere” How can I Sell Snowboards Online? Tobias Lütke, aka Tobi,

Airbnb Marketing Strategy | Unlocking $71 Billion Valuation

Airbnb is a community based on connection and belonging—a community that was born in 2008

Breaking Down Starbucks Marketing Strategy

“Humanity, ethics and quality are at the core of Starbucks marketing strategy.”  We’ve converted this

10 Key Takeaways From Grammarly’s Email Marketing

“Email marketing can help you win customers only if your emails are sent to right

I am contagious, not a disease but a cure, any guesses?

I am contagious, not a disease but a cure, any guesses? Well tried with the

The A B C of How to Write Good Marketing Emails

  “If social media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up

Self Edit Checklist For A Written Piece Of Work

The secret to editing the work is simple: you need to become its reader instead

Hiring for Higher Positions? – Go for Mavericks

“How do you want the year 2021 to be?” I asked this question to my

Sales Bytes | More Business From Existing Clients

Words of Wisdom: “Never Miss An Opportunity To Get More Business From Existing Clients” Let’s

Automate Sales with HubSpot – 3 Easy Ways

“Anything that can be automated should be because it’s going to make your life a

Answer Your Customers Queries and Be a Winner

Content Strategy Create the single best resource for your niche. And you won’t have to

BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal?

  Did you know that until 1952 Boeing had not made a single commercial aircraft?

Build Credibility using Voice of Your Employees

   Am I risking my money? The other day, I was in a conversation

Subject Knowledge and Sales go hand in hand

This one is a short yet powerful story with a great learning for sales reps.

How to take your Buyer’s Pain Away?

From Zero to IPO in Just 4 Years Lemonade Insurance Nailed it! Not just that,

How to grow your sales team without hiring more?

“Am I risking my money to hire you guys for this work?” No CEO wants

Write a Copy that Sells | Good to Great

I was given a task to write an engagement email, to be sent to our

Don’t lose the sale at “Hello”!

Tring Tring …… Tring Tring…. rang my phone…. I answered… The voice on the other

Send “Thank You” Email to Client after WebEx

Were you looking for an email template? Try personalizing instead of templatizing! Why? Well, When

Top 8 Company Culture Ideas for C-Suite

    What Successful CEOs don’t tell you about the Culture? Company culture is not

6 Easy Steps to Align Sales & Marketing Teams!

The sales team gets to hear from buyers day in and day out. Thus, the

Ten pieces of Business Wisdom | CEO@BookMyShow

The other day I was watching the interview with CEO@BookMyShow, Ashish Hemrajani. The interview was

Business Short Storytelling Made Easy

What is an anecdote? An anecdote is a short amusing or interesting story about a

Top 6 Business Negotiation Strategy | Chris Voss

Negotiation is not: I win! You Lose! Negotiation is a collaboration between the two parties.

Voice & Vision Q/A – Craft Your Content

Yesterday I came across a writing course by “Craft Your Content“. Their tagline is “Helping

Empower Your Sales Team using Einstein Playbook

Sales Playbook is a great solution to a very commonly faced problem. Problem: Is 80%

How to create a Buyer Persona? Xtensio

What is a Buyer Persona? Buyer Persona is a sketch of person who is most

Buyer’s Journey | How to Delight Your Customers?

The buyer’s journey does not end as soon as he buys the product. Rather a

HubSpot ROI | Is it worth investing?

For any investment, if you can earn decently more than what you have invested, it’s

How to align Sales Process with Buyer’s Journey?

Case Study | Business Review | Seriously Addictive Mathematics What’s in it for YOU? This

How can Wrong Decisions Cost You More Money?

It all started in a discussion the CEO of a niche services company. I just

Why Do People Buy Your Product?

Do you know why people buy your product? If you succeed in finding the right

Marketing | How to write emails that get opened?

Knowing the purpose of writing helps you write better. Be it a Newsletter or a

Buyer’s Journey | How to get more customers?

Met with an entrepreneur (Let’s call him Ryan, don’t want to reveal his real identity)

5 Value Levels | Why do your Buyers Buy?

Whether your business is indispensable or instantly replaceable is the name of the game. There are

Five must-have traits in Sales Rep in 2021?

Need to hire a Sales Rep? What’s your hiring strategy? Before that. Has it ever

TOP 25 Micro-Learnings in SALES in 5 mins!

Like-ability is one key to a successful deal. If you are likeable – the chances

How to develop a culture of learnings in sales?

Micro-Learnings Vs Full-Fledged Classroom Trainings! Most classroom trainings are ineffective. Here is Why? Imagine a

UpSell | Cross-Sell | Increase Sales

Upsell: To sell a more expensive version of a product the customer is considering to

How “Job To Be Done” theory helped McDonald’s?

By using JTBD – “Job To be done” theory McDonald’s increased its milk shakes sales

Why don’t schools need a mobile app? | Part 1

Before we try to increase sales; “let’s take a deeper understanding of buyers and users

Proven strategy to increase sales!

The more you understand your buyer and his buying process the better sales you will

How Celebrity Gym LOST a potential client?

Here is the story of the gym ….. This January again, like every year, I

Top 15 sales tips for the year 2022

Don’t think of this as a just another article on sales tips. We promise that

How to Stop Negative Reviews on Glassdoor?

Today, my manager asked me to write a post on how can the companies prevent

100s of Leads but Fractional Conversions?

Did you do your homework before opening up your online grocery store? I am sure,

Don’t be a Crocodile Salesman!

What’s your sales strategy ? Is it to bombard the user with the plethora of

The secret formula for Crafting Engaging Content

Today, when you write a content piece, you don’t want it to sound like 4

Why Should You Change Your Cold Email Approach?

While working on some cold reach-outs, I decided to read a bit about common mistakes

How to Avoid Fear of Rejection During Sales?

As salespeople, we hear a lot about fear of rejection. Most Sales Leaders believe that

Take care of your existing clients!

Salespeople understand that prospecting is important, but very few recognize that building relationships with existing

Persuade prospects to buy, Don’t Manipulate!

I read an article today that talked about the science behind why people react a

Sales Bytes | Dodge “I’ll get back to you” situation !

How do you deal when the client simply says, “I’ll get back to you”? This

Say “Thank You” after closing a deal!

It is important to say a thank you in any situation, whether after closing a

Sales Bytes | Ask Questions to your Prospect?

Working in sales, I’m sure we’ve all had to deal with rejection on multiple occasions.

Create “Personalised Outreach” Using “Trigger Opportunities” | Sales

Many salespeople struggle to create personalized outreach to help with their prospecting. One proven way

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