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The more you understand your buyer and his buying process the better sales you will make. Does this make sense to you?

Let’s dig deeper:


If you are selling a whitening toothpaste; who is your buyer 1) A person with the sensitive gums or 2) A person with yellowish teeth?

Type 2 person right?

Now, Do you understand how can you reach Type 2 person or how can Type 2 person find your whitening tooth paste?

If you do and your tooth paste does a great job on what it claims; Nobody can stop you from making glamorous sales.

You definitely want to increase your sales, Don’t you?

Before you set out to improve your sales; It’s important to chalk out your buyer and his buying process.

This buying process is referred as Buyer’s Journey.

Here is a sample of buyer’s journey for a Child Care Center (CCC).

Following are the 7 stages of a buyer’s journey for CCC:

  1. Peeping into buyer’s mind.
  2. Buyer looks for a CCC.
  3. Buyer reaches CCC’s Website.
  4. Buyer calls CCC to take an appointment.
  5. Buyer visits the CCC.
  6. Buyer decides to enrol in CCC.
  7. Buyer’s Child’s onboarding at CCC and further care.

7 stages of buying process.

Here is a magnified view for each stage.

  1. Peeping into buyer’s mind.Stage 1 of Buying process
  2. Buyer looks for a CCC.Stage 2 of Buying Process.
  3. Buyer reaches CCC’s Website.Stage 3 of buying Process.
  4. Buyer calls CCC to take an appointment.Stage 4 of buying process
  5. Buyer visits the CCC.Stage 5 of buying process
  6. Buyer decides to enrol in CCC.Stage 6 of buying process.
  7. Buyer’s Child’s onboarding at CCC and further care.      Stage 7 of buying process.

Do you run a Child Care Center? If yes, feel free to amend this buyer’s journey from your perspective over here.

Or If you run any other business and need assistance to create a buyer’s journey for you. Do let us know.

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