Sales Bytes | Say “Thank You” after closing a deal!

It is important to say a thank you in any situation, whether after closing a deal, after a call, after someone referred you, etc.

Maddy Osman shares in one of her article the following reasons to highlight the importance of ‘thank you email’ –

1. They are memorable – Your clients receive hundreds of emails a day and then if he receives a personal thank you note – this can make him/her remember your name because it’s so uncommon, it speaks much more to the effort taken to write and send.

2. They build relationships – The relationship with the client doesn’t end after a deal is closed, perhaps it may be the beginning of many more in the future. So, thank you notes serve as a reminder to the client why the client opted to trust you over the others.

3. They drive referrals – The effort that you put in sending thank you talks about the interest in the on-going relationship with the client. This interest induces more ‘trust’ which makes the client send you more referrals.

4. They speak about the personal brand – Developing your personal brand is also about the action you take. It’s how you conduct yourself and drive home trust. What different your firm has done from other similar firms – even a small thank you email can depict this indirectly.

Do you have any more reasons to share such a message? Share with us in the comments below.

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